A Refreshing Take on the Zombie Apocalypse With Dead Crusade

A refreshing take on the zombie apocalypse is on the horizon with game studio Aesthetic Games turning back the clock in upcoming title Dead Crusade. The game is a co-op horror title based in 14th century Europe during the Black Death pandemic, the dead are roaming the streets and it’s up to you to raise your swords and fight to the death. The game is planned to be released on PC, though Mac and Linux released are TBA.

The game features new kinds of zombies that can duck, parry and charge, adapting to your fighting style and exploiting your weaknesses as you play. Special enemy types will also be in your way, with The Wench for example, who will go on a rampage and using her own limbs will try to destroy you. You can also choose from a range of classes including soldier, executioner, skirmisher and plague doctor so everyone’s play-styles are accounted for.

Dead Crusade is currently on Kickstarter and has raised $8,829 at the time of writing this out of a $250,000 total. The game won’t be releasing until Q4 2015, so we’ve still some time to wait, but if the game does get funded and the development goes ahead, this game will be amazing I’m sure.


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