Alan Wake 2 will be made ‘when the time is right’ say Remedy


In a recent interview with Remedy Creative Director, Sam Lake, there are mentions that Remedy will return to the Alan Wake series “when the time is right“.

“We’re really, really proud of all the games we have made,” said Lake. “And obviously all of them are dear to us. They have a special place in our hearts.”

“You never know about the future and as have we have said about Alan Wake, the sequel didn’t work out at this point. But definitely we are looking for opportunities to do more, someday, when the time is right.”

It might not be on the cards for a while and if it’s anything like the first that could be a long time, but the team still have their sights set on an Alan Wake sequel sometime in the future. The game is one of my all-time favourites, so a sequel wont go amiss in my eyes.



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