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Amber’s Gaming Backlog A to Z: The Letter B

Another day, another round of gaming backlog highlights. Today I’m going to delve into the B’s on my shelves and see what gaming delights I’ve yet to play. If you want to catch up on other letters in this A to Z roundup, you can see them right here.

The Letter B Stands For…

Beyond: Two Souls

Let me set the record straight, I’m a fan of “games” like these and enjoyed games such as Heavy Rain. Buying Beyond: Two Souls was a no-brainer at the time but I just haven’t got round to playing it, actually just opening it. I’ve heard mixed opinions on the game but that doesn’t bother me – I’ve played Charlie’s Angels on the PS2 so at this point I’m willing to give everything a try at least once.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

I love the Borderlands games and remember pre-ordering the first two with excitement as back in the days of the Xbox 360 myself and a small group of friends would boot this up most evenings and venture out into the wasteland to complete quests and earn goodies. The art style, abundance of weapons and quirky characters kept everything interesting. The Pre-Sequel just never tickled me the way that the first two games did. It’s on my co-op with a friend list but I keep pushing this one back.

(The) Binding of Isaac

A treasured game by many indie game fans but not something which tickles my fancy. I’ve watched countless Twitch streams of people playing this and completely owning the game but it’s not something that I think I will try as I honestly don’t think I could get more than a few levels in without becoming aggravated. Although this is in my backlog, I think it will stay that way until I seriously change my perceptions.


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