Amber’s Gaming Backlog A to Z: The Letter D

Another dip into Amber’s bag of games she hasn’t played. Today I’m going to delve into the D’s on my shelves and see what gaming delights I’ve yet to play. If you want to catch up on other letters in this A to Z roundup, you can see them right here.

The Letter D Stand For…

Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls

Towards the beginning of last year, my original PS3 died and I had to look on eBay for a new one. Fortunately, I found a great bundle that was within a short drive from my home and it came with several games and extra controllers. Both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls were part of the package, but despite already owning Demon’s Souls through PlayStation Plus and Dark Souls on PC I hadn’t yet gone to the bonfire. That’s what it is, right?

Anyway, with the recent news that Demon’s Souls servers are being closed in March this year and that the Dark Souls series is being remastered and released later this year in May, I really should get this one out of my backlog.


I picked up the Limited Edition of this game recently in GAME’s Black Friday sale. As one of my newer additions to the backlog, this hasn’t really been on my mind. It’s gory and looks right up my street – I’ve also heard it’s a pretty easy platinum if you’re inclined to trophy hunt.

DiRT 4

I love racing games despite not being a pro. When DiRT 3 released I was so excited for another in the series to come along, but with Showdown coming soon after my disappointment in the series started to grow. I’ve heard great things about both Rally and DiRT 4, so once other racing games have been completed (DriveClub and Need for Speed) this game will be started.

Dead Rising 2

Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of the Dead Rising series, mainly due to the time constraints placed on the player in the early games. I don’t enjoy being rushed. I own Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and several of the spin-off games on the Xbox 360 but have yet to play the first or a handful of the smaller titles.


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2 thoughts to “Amber’s Gaming Backlog A to Z: The Letter D”

  1. Doom is amazing! I’ve completed it 3 times so far and will probably do it again in the future. So good!
    Spraying down endless demons to a heavy metal soundtrack… whats not to love m/

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