The Best and Worst Of – E3 2014

That’s E3 over and done with for yet another year, and as everyone begins to pack up we can reflect on what games are coming to consoles and PC’s in the near future. There have been a whole bunch of fantastic games brought to our attention, some of which we never thought would be announced, here’s looking at you Tomb Raider. Not only have the big boys come out to play, indie developers have wet their feet this year and there looks to be many fantastic little titles on the horizon including No Man’s Sky.

Here are my best and worst of E3 2014 and as always all opinions are my own.

Best Game

It’s so hard to pick a best game, especially when you’ve enjoyed everything shown, but out of everything I’ve seen the award will have to go to Rainbow Six Siege. Whilst watching the gameplay at the Ubisoft conference all I could keep thinking was “I wonder how that will play out with my friends?” and “That will be so cool to play with [insert name here]!” Many of the games at E3 this year had some sort of co-operative element and this is something I enjoyed seeing.


Worst Game

The award goes to Ubisoft’s Shape Up, a game that feels and looks like every other Kinect title out there. Each game announced and shown at E3 this year made me wriggle with joy, even if only a little bit, but this just made me stare at the screen with a blank expression thinking “why?” Even the new Just Dance game got more eye contact from me.

Best Trailer

Congratulations to Dead Island 2 with yet another amazing CG trailer, although this time around there is a little more humor injected into it, and I like that! What could be more entertaining than watching a young man jog down the beach front, only to slowly find himself turning into a corpse whilst the world around him rots and falls apart too. D’awh! Seriously though, I had no idea what game to expect as this trailer played, it really kept me guessing. And for those of you who are interested in knowing what the song is it’s Pigeon John – The Bomb, you can thank me later.

Worst Trailer

This award has to go to The Crew, as I can’t help but think that the trailer was a little bland and the music too soft. Racing games are filled to the brim with adrenaline, so why not show that in your trailer? It was different, I give Ubisoft the credit for that, but next time I want to see something with a beat… and a little more racing or friend on friend competition!

Best Conference

Personally, I’d say that Sony’s conference was the best as it was filled with lots reveals for titles I know I’d love playing and it only slowed down for a brief moment when the PSN and other entertainment items were mentioned. From the reveal of the next Uncharted game to a new Little Big Planet I was jumping for joy. As a gamer, I don’t think I could ask for more. Ubisoft did come close second as the majority of their titles are currently the best around, but fitness and dance games just don’t float my boat and the new Assassin’s Creed game is just the same old gameplay wrapped in a slightly new story.


Worst Conference

Apart from the announcement of Battlefield: Hardline, everything else in EA’s conference just went in one ear and jumped straight out of the other. I love sports, but sports games don’t get me excited in the slightest. Bruce Lee being in the new UFC offering isn’t what I’d call a stage worthy show piece, but you do your thing EA. The better part of the conference included developers talking about Star Wars: Battlefront and at this point my inner child screamed so much that I almost forgot to watch what was happening.

Best Surprise

For me, this is a toss up between Little Big Planet 3Rise of the Tomb Raider and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Out of all the games I expected to see or hear about this year, these caused me to gasp and then wriggle with excitement. If you didn’t enjoy the first two LBP games, I’m afraid you have no soul. If you have yet to join Nathan Drake on his quests around the world, you have yet to live!


Worst Surprise

Halo: The Master Chief Collection. As I write this I can feel the anger rising in all the fans of the series, but I personally can’t see why Microsoft has to keep dragging Master Chief with them everywhere they go. A new console should mean a new generation of Halo, not an upgraded collection of years gone by – been there, done that gaming. If they’re trying to make people buy their new console, it’s not going to work this way. I’d rather save a whole heap of cash and buy another Xbox 360 along with each of the games included in this collection.

I could mention so many other titles in these categories, but that wouldn’t make them THE best or THE worst. If you have other games in mind for each of these categories please leave a comment below, each to their own!


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