BoxThrone – A Perfect Storage Alternative for Board Game Players and Videogame Collectors?

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement or sponsored post.

As both a gamer and collector I sometimes find myself making the awful decision of what games or merchandise do I place into storage in order to shelve something I’ve just bought? Nobody likes to make those kinds of decisions. Upon browsing Kickstarter today I came across BoxThrone – a modular shelving system for board game players. But what if this wasn’t just for board games…

The idea behind the creation of these modular shelves is simple – bookshelves are for books, not storing your precious board games. Stacking them sideways causes the items inside to fall out of place, stacked boxes causes a serious collapse when you’re trying to take a box from the bottom of the pile, and over time it can cause wear and tear. With the BoxThrone all the items are lay flat, the way they should be.

This got me thinking – wouldn’t this be the perfect solution for other game collectors who would like to show off their accessory and console boxes? For most stacking boxes allows us to fit more in a specific place but it isn’t always perfect, the Box Throne allows you to still stack those boxes but in a more convenient and safe way.

All shelves are adjustable and the team has created extras which you can purchase alongside your single or stacked BoxThrone’s to make them personal. From extra shelves to drawers and acrylic toppers to create a miniature display case amongst your boxes. Creative!

BoxThrone is currently on Kickstarter and as of writing, has been funded 737%! I didn’t know I needed this – but I do. What are your thoughts on the BoxThrone and what potential it could have for not just board gamer players but videogame collectors? Leave a comment below!


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