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Overwatch loot box

Crazily Addictive Loot Boxes and Crates

Loot boxes and loot crates, the latest craze in the world of video games. Are they good or are they bad? Either way, some of them are really addictive and here are a few!

Grid 2 Mono Edition BAC

Top 5: Expensive Collector’s and Limited Editions

Many of us at some point in our lives will purchase a Limited or Collector’s Edition for one of our favourite games and these can be expensive. Here are my top 5 expensive collector and limited editions.

PlayStation's virtual trophies

Top 10: Games with Easy Platinums

Trophy hunting has become a part of the PlayStation gaming community over recent years. Whilst most don’t care about their virtual trophy cabinet many do and here I’ve listed my top 10 games with easy Platinums.

Various video game monsters

Five Memorable: Video Game Beasts and Monsters

Whether it is a flesh-eating zombie or a half demon and half human with sharp blades for limbs, we’ve all come across beats and monsters in video games that have stuck with us. Here are my five most memorable!