Contrast review: An enjoyable first game for PS4


Contrast is a great little puzzle-platformer. The game takes you in to the world of Dawn, a woman who can switch in to shadow form and use the environment to help aid the only person she is able to see, Didi, a young girl. In Dawn’s world everyone apart from Didi are seen as shadows, cast from the people themselves.


Contrast is unique in its story telling techniques, using 3D worlds and shadows you must travel the different locations and unravel the mystery at hand surrounding Didi and her family. Didi loves her family dearly and would do anything for them, but that doesn’t stop her trying to find out why her father has been gone as of late. Not wanting to listen to any advice or rules her mother lays out for her, Didi sets out in to the night with her pal Dawn in order to find out what’s really happening. Unbeknownst to the both of them a little adventure begins and a tale untold starts to unravel.

For the most part I felt that the game gave off a gritty noire vibe and the shadows and dark elements of the game helped bring the atmosphere to life. The artwork here has be cleverly done, everything fits together as one piece and nothing feels or looks out of place, the tone is just right. The games controls are also easy to pick up and master, within seconds you’ll feel right at home, prancing around the world from objective to objective.


But even though this particular title has a lot of positives, it does have some negatives. Occasionally you will find yourself sticking to the environments and when interacting with items from the world, such as boxes, they will get caught and start to shake around furiously and then fly out of your grasp. The story is quite short, racking up only three to four hours of gameplay from start to finish, but even so it’s a great little story to be a part of. Most smaller games leave you empty towards the end, Contrast fills you with a glee by the time the end credits start to roll.



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