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Feature: Crazily Addictive Loot Boxes and Crates That Blindsided Me

At some point during the last few months, you have most likely come across the concept of “loot boxes” or “loot crates”. These virtual items reward you with one or several cosmetic items to use within the game you are purchasing them within.

There has been some controversy surrounding the implementation of the loot boxes and crates in a variety of games, with Governments worldwide getting involved. Many have likened them to gambling, which I have to agree with, but whatever your thoughts on the topic you can not deny the fact why developers implement them. They’re big moneymakers.

I wouldn’t define myself as a hardened gambler – or a small-time gambler in general. Yes, I have gambled on sports in the past and have found myself winning a few bets in my time – and losing some – but in this feature, I’m looking at the loot boxes and crates that truly blindsided me and some more than once.

Rocket League Crates

Who doesn’t like hitting a big ‘ole ball around with a small car? Rocket League has only increased in popularity since its release and rightly so, it’s a great game to play alone or with friends. The game has even successfully dipped its toes into the eSports space with plenty of eager gamers ready to show off their air skills (of which I’m seriously lacking).

In the beginning, Rocket League provided players with a variety of free toppers, flags, and wheels which allowed them to create a car based on their personality. It was not long before the team at Psyonix brought in crates. Whilst crates can be earned through online play, they can not be opened unless the player has purchased a key.

Rocket League crate contents

Rocket League’s list of different crates go on and on, and their contents vary from rare wheels to prestigious decals and even new cars. Before a crate is opened the player can see its contents, making you salivate at just the thought of getting something good. Once opened the contents spin up the screen, akin to the television show The Price is Right.

The disappointment kicks in when you just overlap from the rare wheels into a common and bland decal. What’s more, it’s worth purchasing bundles of keys rather than singles. This is a trap I’ve yet to avoid and back when I played the game daily, I found myself buying at least one set of keys every other day.

Now my inventory is filled with crates from commons to rares from events gone. I luckily kicked this habit early on.


Keys can be purchased in four ways: single for £1.19, 5 for £3.99, 10 for £7.99 and 20 for £15.99. During special events there is also the ability to use the event currency to purchase decryptors which work the same way as keys, the only downside is that items gained from crates cannot be traded.

It’s worth noting here that a portion of the proceeds from each key purchase contributes directly to the Rocket League eSports prize pool.

Call of Duty: WW2 Supply Drops

Who would have thought it, a Call of Duty game with loot crates? These crates can be earned in a variety of ways; completing daily and weekly objectives, earning through general online play and completing challenges. There’s also the option to use real money to purchase bundles of crates of different kinds, even the Nazi Zombie mode carries themed crates. Shocker!

Call of Duty WW2 crate buying
You can buy crates at any time in the HW from the Quartermaster

It’s All Cosmetic

The addiction plays a part when you’re watching other players in the HQ open theirs. It’s the whole “I want to experience what they’re experiencing” and in some cases, “I want what they’ve just got!”

Rewards include a variety of pistol grips, calling cards, player emblems and divisional outfits. Just throw that canister of smoke and your airdrop will fall from the sky with a thud – it truly is delightful!


In order to purchase crates, you have to buy a bunch of points named Call of Duty points (CP). CP are available in bundles of: 200 for £1.79, 1,100 for £8.49, 2,400 for £16.79, 5,000 for £34.99, 9,500 for £63.99 and 13,000 for £84.99. Single supply drops (or crates) can be purchased for 200 CP and bundles moving up in price.

FIFA 18 Packs

If you’re a fan of football and play FIFA’s Ultimate Team (UT), you are going to want to ensure that your team is one of the best. How do you do that? Purchase as many “packs” before you wallet taps out and crawls into the corner crying.

I’ve never been an avid football player in the video game realm but PlayStation trophy hunting had me hunting for a somewhat decent set of player for my UT. How does one get a decent team? Player packs!

Bronze, Silver and Gold

You open a pack and its contents are revealed but the real excitement is from the player reveals. A country flag, player rating, team emblem and finally the player himself. It’s all about the show aspect here and plenty of FIFA 18 players love to take to Twitch and YouTube to open their packs in front of those willing to watch.

You can unlock packs by progressing through the single-player mode and completing various online objectives but the packs are generally “eh” quality. What you really want are the higher-rated packs and straight away.

FIFA 18 pack purchase screen


FIFA packs use in-game earned coins or  FIFA Points (FP) as currency. 1,600 FP for £11.99, 2,200 FP for £15.99, 4,600 FP for £32.99 and 12,000 FP for £79.99.

There are various pack tiers you can purchase ranging from Bronze to Gold. Each of these tiers is then split into several categories including the regular pack for 5,000 coins or 100 FP, premium pack for 7,500 coins or 150 FP and the jumbo premium pack for 15,000 or 300 FP.

During special promotions, packs are released that can cost up to 2,500 FIFA points.

What are you addicted to?

There’s plenty more to delve into but these are from my own personal experience. I want to hear what loot boxes and crates you’ve been delving into and which has your bank writhing in pain. Leave a comment below!


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