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Daemonical – Horrifying Teaser Trailer

Coming soon to Steam is a terrifying multiplayer horror experience where the battle is to stay alive on a remote island where every move could well be your last. Daemonical, developed by Fearem, offers a modern action-packed take on the horror movie classics in which you will never know who to trust or what lingers in the darkness.

Asymmetrical Horror

Daemonical is an asymmetrical horror multiplayer game in which a group of people find an unfinished demon summoning ritual. With the demonic entity released upon the island, the players must find a way to send it back to hell or end up slaughtered. Never knowing which one of them has become possessed by the demon, it is their decision to make on if they want to team up and trust each other or try surviving alone.

The humans are played in the first-person mode. In order to exorcise the demon, they need to find the missing ritual components and bring them back to the altar. Their only alternative is hiding and surviving until the dawn when the sunlight will purge the demon from the grounds. The demon is played in the third person and needs to simply slaughter all the humans and prevent them from finishing the ritual. He is fast, agile, powerful and deadly.

Trust is optional. Death is not.

Daemonical is set to release in May on Steam.


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