Opinion Piece: Do You Buy or Rent Your Games?

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To buy or rent, that is the question. On one hand, I love to glance over at my collection of physical game disks and smile contently to myself as I browse the titles. On the other hand, there is an abundance of games I would like to play at some point but may never due to prices or lack of copies being sold out in the wild.

That’s a dilemma I’ve found myself in since dipping my toes into the video game rental waters back in the days of LoveFilm for games. For a small price of £14.99 per month, I was able to rent unlimited amounts of movies and games. I’d play one and send it back before moving on to the second rental whilst waiting for the first to be swapped. The number of games I managed to chomp my way through totaled up to hundreds – almost. Surely.

Now I find myself switching between rentals and purchasing physical copies but only when the price is right. At a younger age, you always find yourself asking for the latest and greatest, no matter what the price. Now in my wiser years – I hope – I’ve learned that having something day one isn’t always a necessity and it’s always a good thing (patches to fix the millions of problems inbound!). I’d rather wait, salivating at the trailers and reviews, for the price to drop just a little before handing over my well-earned cash. For those games I’m not sure of or want to try in the early weeks or months, I rent.

Sadly the good old days of LoveFilm are gone but my replacement rental company is just as good if not better. Enter my savior – Boomerang Rentals. They’ve helped me over the last few years build up my gamerscore, trophy count, and review archives here on the website. Amongst a few other users, I’ve also got my mitts, on several occasions, on newly released titles – yippee!

The only issue with rentals is that the video game business is losing money and that’s always a shame, especially if someone doesn’t enjoy it enough that they’ll purchase it themselves. On the flip side, there’s an abundance of DLC and extra content available for the majority of new releases that the money will keep flowing in some shape or form.

What do you prefer – rental or a straight up purchase? Leave a comment below or tweet me @AmbaLaBamba.


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