F.E.A.R Online Steam release dated


Aeria Games announced today that the highly anticipated debut on Steam is just around the corner for the horror inspired free online MMOFPS game, F.E.A.R Online.

The game will arrive on the Steam platform on October 17, with Aeria releasing all of its free-to-play features to the community. If you can’t wait that long you can sign up for the beta which will end shortly before the Steam release, so sign up as soon as you can.

Fans of the celebrated horror franchise will be able to engage in new, terrifying experiences within the F.E.A.R. universe. Following player feedback from the closed beta, an extensive redesign and gameplay adjustments make for a truly unique first-person shooter game. With the addition of new maps, a new scenario, and a redesigned crafting system which allows for making one-of-a-kind weapons, F.E.A.R. Online will deliver what fans have been asking for.


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  • That game is F.E.A.R by title alone. Looks like a Left 4 Dead ripoff from 2 generations ago in terms of gameplay.

  • They turned a great horror game into a horde mode shoot ’em up. It’s a slap in the face to fans of the original series, IMO.