Firewatch: A burning mystery begins


A burning mystery… see what I did there! Let us continue!

Firewatch, the first game from studio Campo Santo, was discussed in depth at PAX 2014, allowing them to reveal what their game was about and to show some of the game playing live. Recently the team took to Twitch to talk more about their title and to answer some burning questions from fans.

Firewatch is planned to be released in 2015, though the platforms so far have been unspecified. The developers did discuss the fact that there will be no Early Access, it will just be released as a full game, so here’s hoping for a PC release first and foremost.

The game features large and open spaces, each beautifully created and with vivid colours and tones. Most areas can be accessed via different methods which allows for re-playability, at least from what can be seen in the demo. Bushed areas can be pushed through, meaning there is room to be creative when it comes to finding a way to the target area. Areas that can not be accessed are clearly marked off, though the team expressed that they’re trying to allow as much freedom as possible whilst still keeping you on a leash.

Time in-game progresses with the narrative, there is no 24-hour clock, but the day will merge into night over a believable period of time as you play. This means you can freely move around the world without being in fear of darkness approaching whilst you are still miles away from your beloved tower.

One question that popped up in the stream was ‘Is there a game over or end state?‘ and the answer, quite simply, was no. According to the developers there was no way to die in the game, for example your character falling off a cliff or object will not happen.

If you want to find out more details about the game or watch the Twitch stream in its entirety, please watch below.


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