“First Class Trouble” Alpha is coming to PC

Looking for a new asymmetrical third-person multiplayer game to stream or have fun with your friends in? Invisible Walls has announced that an Alpha for their upcoming title First Class Trouble will be coming to PC on May 10.

The game is set onboard a luxury spaceship that is currently experiencing severe technical issues. The chief problem is the AI and on-board servants have rebelled and decided to kill all humans. Luckily for you, you’ve survived along with several other passengers.

The surviving players must work together to try and reset the AI in order to revert it back to its original – non-homicidal – state. The ship is full of robot servants that are more focussed on serving pain than beverages. The spanner in the works? Some of the survivors, your cohort, are robots in disguise. Cooperation is the key to success, but trust is in short supply as players attempt to work out who the robots in their ranks are.

The alpha will include full core gameplay and new features such as fire and obstructing lights and you can see the trailer below.

The full game is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2021, and it will be available Early Access on PC in Q4 2020.

Keep up to date at First Class Trouble’s official website.


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