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Feature: Memorable video game beasts and monsters

We’ve all had moments in video games that made us laugh with joy, shocked us to the core, made us cry and scared us to death. The latter is this group is what I’m focusing on today – the scares. I’m not going to choosing my five scariest moments or five scariest games but instead, I’m listing my five memorable video game beasts and monsters.

Dead in Space


All claws and teeth with zero personality, Necromorphs come first on my list. I first played Dead Space at least a couple years after the games initial release and didn’t know what to expect. I don’t particularly enjoy horror games but the game came recommended by plenty of people I knew. My first experience lasted all but 20 minutes and I had to put the game away. Those tight corridors and the initial chase scene were too much for me to handle – what I wuss, right?

Issac Clarke killing a Necromorph
Necromorphs are a complete nightmare, especially for Issac.

Fast forward a few months to a year and I managed to complete the game within a week. Needless to say, those less than charming leggy corpses stuck with me and to this day they still give me the creeps. Exploding babies to two-legged half corpses with tails – whoever created these beasts needs a good talking to!

Amnesia – You Got That Right!


I will just say this straight away – I’ve never been able to complete Amnesia. That felt good. Originally purchased on the PC, Amnesia is one of those games I’ve always really wanted to delve deeper into but The Gatherers just give me a hard time. Those stretchy, gormless faces just suck the sanity out of my soul.

A Gatherer from the Amnesia series
Either this guy wants to swallow you whole or he’s shocked to see you.

Once I start getting chased I can’t keep control of myself and end up running around like a headless chicken trying to decide where to flee. As a result, I lose all my abilities: being able to open doors, using my lantern… running. If someone knows how to successfully evade these guys – email me.

Silent Hill A&E – What’s Your Emergency


When I think of nurses I think of generally happy men and women who take care of you and always have a smile on their face. Silent Hill must have lost the “please look after your patients and keep them alive” memo. The wrapped head, the outfit and the staggering just triggers me every single time. I also feel as though these nurses could snap your neck in one quick twist with their long legs.

Killing Nurses in Silent Hill
Just their presence gives me the creeps.

You’re Left 4 Dead

The Witch

There is a crying heap on the floor that will violently attack you if provoked – what do you do? In most cases, you would switch off your flashlight and quietly circle around her avoiding any eye contact right? If you’re stuck with a group of “but we must disturb the witch” folks then you’re better off going in the other direction. Leave them and save yourself.

Left 4 Dead Witch on floor
Don’t flash your light at her and don’t make eye contact.

Once she starts she isn’t going to stop – unless you mow her down with bullets and give her a good ‘ole smack with the butt of your gun. Her scream-howling when she attacks is the nastiest sound and her constant clawing at your face until she has been dealt with is terrifying. Good job you have a good team with you… oh, they left me to die.

Dying (to vomit) Light

The Mother

All of the weird and wonderful video game beasts and monsters I’ve included up until this point could be considered “classics”. The final addition to this list is more recent and if you’ve not had the opportunity to meet her I personally wouldn’t rush. Up until a certain point in the game, this charming old girl keeps her face covered – fortunately for us.

Dying Light's The Mother
This girl needs a visit to the doctors and stat.

I was so repulsed by The Mother’s character model that I was on the verge of bringing my meal back up. My complete disgust for everything about this thing was verbally apparent to the friend who had to listen to me over voice chat.

What Makes Your List?

These are my most memorable video game beasts and monsters but there are plenty more. I want to know what graces your own list. You can leave a comment below with your own five most memorable!


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