Friday News Roundup [19.05.17] – Life is Strange 2, Destiny 2 and More

This week’s news roundup starts with some Netflix news. The streaming platform will be producing a series based on The Witcher saga. The series will be inspired by the eight novels by Andrzej Sapkowski that in turn inspired the hugely popular CD Projekt Red RPG games. No details have been released regarding the story line, casting choices or release dates. Sapkowski said in a recent press release, “I’m thrilled that Netflix will be doing an adaptation of my stories staying true to the source material and the themes that I have spent over thirty years writing.” More to come when Netflix and other parties release more information.

In other news, the studio behind Life is Strange has announced they have already begun working on Life is Strange 2. DONTNOD Entertainment in a short video said, “We can’t wait to tell you all about it when the time is right, but for now we are hard at work ensuring it is the very best game we can create.” Over 3M people purchased the first game, amazing. Being a fan of the first game I can’t wait to see what they’re going to create.

Yesterday (May 18, 2017) saw the announcement of Destiny 2 details. The game will release September 8 for PS4 and Xbox One but a slightly later release for PC players. The PC version of Destiny 2 will be on Blizzard’s rather than Steam or another platform. The team also mentions that the console version of the game will run at 30FPS but the PC version will have an uncapped framerate on PC. For more intricate details you can check out Kotaku’s post.

F1 2017 has been announced and good news for fans, they’re bringing back the classic cars. Developed again by Codemasters, the game will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One August 25. The classic car list will include the 1988 McLaren MP4/4, 1992 Williams FW14B, and the 2002 Ferrari F2002. These won’t be the only classic cars featured as there will be a total of 12.

And lastly, the upcoming MMO Wild West Online was announced and rode up out of the blue. The game, which reminds many of Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption sign up on the game’s website, is scheduled to release later this year. Developer 612 Games said there will be a closed beta later in the summer no details have been released. You can keep up to date with important details.


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