Games I Finished… Eventually

Since I started playing games in the mid to late 90’s I’ve started plenty – often not finishing a large majority. For whatever reason – whether it’s because I got tied up in another great title, or couldn’t finish due to hard gameplay – I’ve come back to many in the hopes that a grown-up me would be more capable of finishing said games. In most cases yes, in some no. Today I’m going to discuss some of the games that took me years to finish.

Mirror’s Edge

Ah, Mirror’s Edge, a great game that quite a few of those I know didn’t particularly rate. Whilst now I look back on the game rather fondly (even if I have to start some aspects over again due to my dead PS3) I didn’t particularly enjoy it at the beginning. Run here, jump there, wall-run and turn and then jump to that ledge! It was all confusing and especially nauseating for the first few hours.

Revisiting the game (either late last year or at the beginning of this) I decided to sit down and take my time. That patience paid off as I finally finished the story and delved into a few of the time trials even though I’m hours away from becoming the next #1.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

I originally remember playing this game at a friends house. Eventually, with puppy dog eyes, I persuaded my parents to buy me my own copy. I played for hours on end, not necessarily plowing my way through the missions but just ‘cruising’ and listening to the many greats songs on the radio. Then, one day, the Malibu Club missions happened. ‘The Driver’ mission stumped me for days, I just wasn’t able to beat this guy, no matter how many pedestrians I dragged under my wheels or lamposts I destroyed.

It wasn’t up until a couple of years ago during one of my Twitch streams that I finally beat the missions and went on to see the end of the game for the first time. Oh, the joy! Whilst not being officially included in this list, I’m also going to give a shoutout to GTA: San Andreas as that particular game took the same path as this one. Damn you!

Dead Space

My first memory of this game was running away, desperate not to be slashed into tiny pieces by the first Necromorph you come across at the start of the game. After figuring out how to use the stasis module I gave up, the game proved too much for me and my non-horror loving brain (which I should add has now taken an about turn in recent years). The game lay on my shelf for quite a number of years before I decided to run head first into the unknown and you know what? I enjoyed every second of it!

Similar to Vice City, I completed this game for a second time on Twitch (initially Xbox 360).

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

Not finishing this game was due to a couple of factors but mainly: the game was god awful. The PS2 era graphics, uninteresting gameplay, and a non-existant storyline. The only thing I enjoyed about this game was the voice acting by Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Michael Rooker (Merle) but even that couldn’t keep my¬†eyes glued to the game for long enough. Oh, and those beads of sweat that appear on screen – EW!

It wasn’t until I replayed this game on PS3 (mainly due to my trophy addiction) that I finally completed it and cried out a loud “thank god that’s over!” in the process.

And that is that, I could go on for hours but you don’t want that. Are there any games you didn’t finish¬†until much late on? Post them in the comments below!


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