Games for Windows Live Wont be Shutting Down


Microsoft has officially announced that Games for Windows Live will not be shutting down in July, despite rumors since August last year insisting that it would. Over the last few months, developers have stopped using the platform due to GFWL inevitable shut down, or so we all thought.

Last year Microsoft shut down the services marketplace, and given its unknown future many companies have switched over to the Steamworks platform to insure that their games remain playable.

Microsoft had this to say:

We are continuing to support the Games for Windows Live service. As previously announced, as part of the retirement of Microsoft Points the PC marketplace was closed. Although customers are unable to purchase new games from the marketplace or receive title updates, they can continue to enjoy previously purchased content by downloading them through the Games for Windows Live client as usual. We remain committed to investing in PC gaming in the years ahead, and look forward to sharing more in the future.


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