Girl Fight review: Calm down girls!


This review was written using a review copy of the game.

Girl Fight, as you may have already guessed from the name, is a female fighting game. Here you have a roster of eight female characters, all with rather bland names, battling it out to become the alpha female or sorts. There are a variety of different modes to get your hands on, so if fighting the computer isn’t doing much for you anymore, you can take to the online and ruffle some feathers.

The game plays out like the majority of fighters out there, each character has a back story and each has their own unique moves when it comes to fighting. The controls are basic, with the standard buttons allowing you to punch, kick, grab and block with additional actions being allocated to the R1/R2 and L1/L1 buttons. You can hop and crouch, run and counter moves should you wish, all these are the very basics of every fighting game, but you do have the option to learn a majority of combo moves if you so wish, a definite bonus for fans of the Street Fighter or Tekken series but don’t expect anything as complicated or challenging to learn and perform.

When fighting and attacking or blocking successfully, you will earn Psi, this will then allow you activate a Psi Amp to create a small advantage over your enemy. You have a choice between Psi Drain, Life Leech and Steel Skin for one of your Psi slots and in the other you can choose one of the two left over, not much choice, though I didn’t find myself using these extras much when fighting unless I was online.

As mentioned you can choose between eight fighters all with rather silly names: Warchild, Chaos, Viper and Ghost being a few examples. This doesn’t take away from the game quality of course, but having some kind of budding roster would have made the game feel less cheesy than it is.

Modes are typical of the fighting genre, it contains an Arcade Mode, Versus Mode, Fight Online and Training Mode. In Arcade Mode you must fight to unlock characters, with Warchild being the only character available to fight as from the start, it’s your typical kind of story mode gameplay with some rather odd character bios and pieces of dialogue before each fight starts. Versus Mode allows you to play against a friend if you should have a second controller lying around, if you don’t you can always challenge the CPU. Fight Online allows you to do just that, you can play exactly like you would under Arcade Mode but against players who for the most part know exactly what they’re doing. Training Mode is my favourite, allowing you to fight against the CPU (who I might add doesn’t move, standard in most fighting game) and allows you to practice a characters combo moves should you wish. A useful tool if you’re a beginner.

Visually the developers have gone with a futuristic skin, whilst playing I was sure I was stuck in the world of Tron. The fighting arenas follow the same pattern with the majority being of a futuristic nature, nothing special, while others are slightly more realistic. There is a choice of eight arenas you can fight in, there really isn’t much to say about these as there aren’t any special events happening in the background as the girls fight on, an opportunity missed.

There is however a good selection of music on both the menus and during fights, this gives you a break from the endless grunts and high pitched squeals during the fighting. There is also a voice over as you fight that commends you on your fighting should you be doing well, however, things can turn sour and the endless shouts of ‘disappointing’ can become demoralizing.


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