Hard West – Rootin’ tootin’ turn-based western combat


Welcome to the wild west ladies and gentlemen! Mount your horses, grab your Winchester and get ready for a bumpy ride with CreativeForge Games and PlayWay’s upcoming turn-based western – Hard West. The developers describe Hard West as a turn-based squad tactical with adventurous world exploration, a blend of XCOM combat with a Heroes of Might world.

Combat here is quick, either you live long enough to make good predictions and good decisions or you kick the bucket. Most objects in the world can be exploited and used as cover, thinking in advance could keep you from knocking on heavens door.

The world¬†jam packed with stories, mysteries, secrets, hideouts and surprises. Each of these are aimed to either please or displease you, there is no middle ground. It’s easy to destroy and kill in this world, and much harder to survive and build something worth living for. Everything is in shortage, bar weapons, although liquor and drugs are highly sort after items and can buy you just about anything. Scavenging for goods isn’t the only way to survive, completing the in-game content will also reward you.

If you would like to donate via the games Kickstarer you can do so here, or you can voice your support by sending the team a message via their social channels. As of posting this the game has been 110% funded via Kickstarter.


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