hdmyboy: A full hd power up for your game boy classics

Have you ever wanted to revisit your old Gameboy games and play them in full HD glory on your television? Have you ever just wished they were bigger in size? Look no further retro gamers, a new Kickstarter has popped up promising a product that will allow you to connect your game boy classic to your TV with crisp full HD picture quality (HDMI), rich colour palettes and a NES controller.

The hdmyboy is an upgrade which you install into your own Gameboy, it only works on the original Gameboy however (1989 model).

hdmyboy gives you the sharpest and best picture you’ve ever seen come out of your gameboy. Rather than scale or stretch like other systems would do, we intelligently redraw every single pixel. This is because we tap into the digital data, not at just the picture coming out of the game boy.

The hdmyboy comes with a replica NES controller which features a long cable so you can enjoy full HD without needing to sit to close to your TV. This makes your gameboy a sort of mobile console. You can still play on your Gameboy controls if you prefer or want to take your game boy out on the road.

hdmyboy is a module which inserts between the front and back of the Gameboy. It adds about 12mm/0.5inch thickness to your game boy and can be easily installed or removed in under 10 minutes.

Open your game boy with the special screwdriver supplied. Reconnect a cable into your hdmyboy and voila a full HD game boy sandwich! No Gameboys will be harmed when installing the upgrade! If you have a Gameboy which is missing vertical screen lines, this upgrade mostly brings them back.

The Kickstarter at the time of writing this stands at €18,642 out of €65,000, not bad considering the Kickstarter still has 20 days of fund raising left. If you wish to back the project you can visit the Kickstarter and if you back a certain amount you will also receive some gifts from the creators from the hdmyboy itself to your name on the games special screensaver.


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