Hitman GO review: Assassinate on the go

Square Enix are well known for their plethora of excellent games, from Hitman to Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy to Deus Ex, they know how to excite their fans. Now the Square Enix family are dipping their feet into the mobile (Android and iOS) world of gaming with the release of Hitman GO, a game based around Agent 47 and his antics all in miniature form.

Hitman GO is a turn-based puzzle game that takes cues from board style games, letting the player take one turn at a time as the game world around them adjust accordingly. Agent 47, his enemies and targets are all presented in cleverly detailed miniature play pieces, each with their own distinguishing movement patterns and colours. Each level begins with a quick glance around the board, followed by your first move which you are able to take in your own time. The aim of the game is to infiltrate, silently if possible, and kill your target if there is one. Figuring out the enemy patterns is key to success, the pathways to the exit are necessarily hard to get to, it’s the guards in your way that can easily foil your plans.

Getting around the enemies line of sight allows you to either a) sneak past them or b) attack them, either way is perfectly fine. There are also special items in the game world that you can use to your advantage: rocks and cans can be thrown so you can distract nearby enemies and potted plants allow you to hide. These are just a few examples, there are plenty more that you can use as you advance through the game.

The gameplay itself is simplistic but at the same time can be very rewarding, especially when you finally complete a level that has had you twiddling your thumbs for the last half an hour. The fact that basic enemy types are replaced in the later levels with knife wielding goons that swivel and guard dogs that follow your movements, makes the game all the more challenging and addictive.

Each set of levels are sorted into their own game boxes based on what storyline you pick, the more levels and tasks that you complete, the more storylines you get to see. At this moment in time the game is packed with six game boxes with another, according to the ‘coming soon’ label, on the way! There is a great deal of content here for such a small price and if you’re into your puzzle games it should keep you content for a while.

As you move on through each section the levels do progressively get harder. Each level has its own variety of extra tasks, from completing it within so many moves or less and complete without killing anyone. Each of these extra tasks can be completed on separate playthroughs or all in one – if you’re feeling brave! If you’re not quite sure about how to complete a particular task you can ask the game for a hint, but these will cost you real cash if you quickly dispose of the five hints the game gives you for free at the start. Any patient person will be able to get through the game eventually, it’s whether you can stand the suffering of continuous restarts.

The only problem I can see is the repetitiveness, although that’s subject to whether or not you like turn-based and/or puzzle games. I myself enjoyed the time I spent playing as the plastic Agent 47, but each to their own.


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