An Interview with Adam Jeffcoat of Pixel Trip Studios

I recently contacted Pixel Trip Studios after hearing about their upcoming game, The Breakout, starting its Kickstarter campaign. I reached out to the studio to see if I could have a chat with them and find out more about who they are, what they do and about their latest game. Adam Jeffcoat, the studios Game Director, was happy to answer some of my questions. Here’s the result:

Amber: Who are Pixel Trip Studios and what do you do?

Adam: We are a small team of indie developers established in 2013. Our goal is to make story driven games with bags of character in an appealing filmic style.

What’s your role in the team?

Adam: I am the director, but I also founded Pixel Trip.

Amber: You make PC and mobile games, how many games have you made so far?

Adam: This is our first game, but I also directed an animated comic book app called Niko and the Sword of Light last year. Here’s the link:

Amber: The Breakout is your latest title, what is this all about?

Adam: The Breakout is a point and click adventure all about escaping despite the odds. You play a captured soldier who has to break out of a prisoner of war camp during ww2. However, it won’t be easy and you will be closely watched by the ruthless Colonel and his guards.

Amber: Sounds like a game that’s right up my alley! I love everything revolving around famous wars and other historic events, why was WW2 an inspiration to you for this title?

Adam: I think it was just such a nostalgic time period, all the history, the movies and the stories from that time, it still strikes a real chord with people and they probably have relatives who were affected by it. I am also fascinated by the designs of uniforms, weapons and vehicles of that time, they have so much more character than modern stuff!

Amber: That’s so true, I enjoy watching all the war movies because of that fact. The Great Escape is one of my favourites, followed closely by Saving Private Ryan. I’ve read that The Breakout is for adults only.

How come you went down this route?

Adam: Well, most point and click games have a fun child friendly story and they do a great job at that. However, I wanted to set myself a challenge, I wanted to tell a more filmic story about a ruthless prisoner of war camp and one mans survival against his oppressors. Prisoners can get locked up, beaten, tortured and even shot. So when you do finally break free you get that same sense of elation like movies such as The Great Escape or The Shawshank Redemption create.

Amber: I agree, the majority of games I’ve seen do have a childish element and whilst most of them seem to be average or good, most just don’t cut it for the older gamers in the community. I’m hoping that The Breakout will be and start something different.

The game is point and click, aren’t you afraid that this might be a little ‘old school’ for some of the FPS loving audiences that might be interested in the game?

Adam: Possibly, but that’s not to say point and click is dead, much in the same way that 2d films have been overshadowed by 3d of recent, it’s just a trend and like all trends they will become popular again. I have seen some really great point and clicks recently; Machinarium and Broken Age etc, the look great and with a modern art style they re-inspired my love of the genre from when I used to be addicted to them as a kid.

Amber: Now that you’ve mentioned it, Machinarium was a great little game! I think point and click games need a savior, something to bring the genre back to life again.

You’ve started funding for The Breakout on Kickstarter, what’s your pitch to readers here to get them backing your game?

Adam: This game will be unlike any point and click you have played before. This game will take you on a real emotional journey where you will be on the edge of your seat with tension and the desperate need to escape. Imagine taking an intense prison break movie where YOU play the main character!

Amber: Why did you choose Kickstarter?

Adam: It’s the biggest crowdfunding site out there and one of the only ways truly independent games can be made these days, by building a fanbase who pre-order your game. It cuts out the publishers and lets you connect directly with your audience so we love it.

Amber: I’ve found many great games through Kickstarter, so I do hope that gamers find your game and back it, it’s does look amazing!

Do you think that your latest title The Breakout will help you put PTS’s on the map of great indie developers?

Adam: I can only hope so, I would love to inspire as many people as Secret of Monkey Island did when I was a kid!

Amber: Thank you Jeff for answering my questions, I can’t wait to see if The Breakout reaches its Kickstarter end goal! I’d love to see The Breakout become a playable game really soon!


If you’d like to find out more about Pixel Trip Studios, the team or The Breakout you can use the social media links below!


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