You Know What Grinds My Gears? – Battlefield 4 Edition


You know what grinds my gears? Battlefield 4. There’s an endless list (almost) that I could list off one by one of stupid game mechanics and multiplayer problems, including those caused by players themselves, that cause the game to become one major headache. I’m not going to list them all here, that would be dreary and boring, I will however list a couple for your amusement and so I can get these things off my chest.

Head glitchers are a major problem online, especially on a map such as Metro. These players take huge advantage of their environments, specifically those who enjoy sniping, and continually pop their head just above their cover enough to kill everyone else but escape a swift death themselves. If you spawn on the US side of the Metro map good luck, you’re going to need it against these types of players who more often than not successfully hide at the top of the escalators waiting for their prey.

Have you ever been cruising along the hillsides in you tank minding you own business when all of a sudden a C4 explosion takes you out? Sometimes it’s a strategically placed explosive, but more often than not it’s actually a vehicle that has been C4’d up to the roof and driven into you at high speed before being detonated. These vehicle bombers as I will refer to them as for now, take advantage of quick spawning vehicles on particular servers and use their awful driving skills to do what most people try to avoid – crashing into everything. After ditching their vehicle into the back of you tank or other light or heavy armoured vehicle they will sprint away with a smile on their face as they detonate the C4, watching happily nearby as names pop up on the kill feed. No engineer can fix that!

We’re all guilty of this next one, if you’ve not used this weapon yet then there is still time. Those who use the XM25 Airburst constantly are spawns of the devil, getting cheap and easy kills whenever or wherever. These people don’t give a damn about fighting with their ‘normal’ weapons, in fact that’s just to cool for these people. It’s all about using the gadgets! You tend to find these people are the larger maps – e.g. Metro and Operation Locker – that have plenty of choke points. Bounce them off the floor, off the walls, off the ceiling or just plain shoot someone in the fact, these kills get tedious after a short period of time. Quit it guys!

Pilots, not just any good pilot though, those who would probably benefit getting off the game and getting in a flying career kind of good pilots. You take out my tank, you manage to slaughter me despite being hidden and you also manage to dump your chopper on my head and kill me with the blades. You’re too good for your own good, you really are. We all hate that one guy or girl who manages to stay in the same chopper or jet for the entire round or game and manages to thwart any attempts we put forward at trying to get some air support.

Is there anything I’ve missed off the list that grinds your gears?


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