Minimum review: Simplistic block on block action

Minimum, a title from developers Human Head Studios, is an online third person shooter where teams fight over the world’s energy by using Titans to break down each other’s barriers to reach their ultimate goal. The fast-paced combat and minimalistic style keep players focussed on the gameplay, making for some tense 1 on 1 situations, however some overpowered weapons can create negative and hostile environments – especially in chat!

Armour-less and scared, it's so cold!
Armour-less and scared, it’s so cold!

Minimum is set in a  minimalistic style universe and much like its looks, the game modes aren’t a plenty. From the start you have access to Team Deathmatch, Titan Mode and Dungeon Crawl, each having their own unique characteristics. The modes that really make this game shine are the latter, with Titan Mode similar in content to that of Titanfall and Dungeon Crawl being similar to almost every title with a horde game mode included – with the exception of dinosaurs! All modes are 5 vs 5, with the exception of Dungeon Crawl which is all 5 men for himself versus the computer AI.

In order to gain an edge over the competition Minimum offers a range of weapons, armour and other devices. There is a wide selection of weapons included to suit every player, from shotguns to launchers and katanas to rifles, everyone can play the game as they would any other shooter title. The addition of armour allows player to increase certain player stats as they play, either increasing overall damage taken or sacrificing health for larger amounts of damage given, it’s all up the how the player wishes to play.

Titan mode: ACTIVATED!
Titan mode: ACTIVATED!

One major disappointment is the over-powered melee weapons, in fact it can get frustrating. At the start of your career in Minimum many of you may be put off by the katana wielding foes, and as you rank up through your career you will be matched with those who have even deadlier blades equipped. A couple of well-placed swipes with a melee weapon can see you watching the respawn screen time after time, even spraying (and praying) with any form of bullet spewing weapon has no real effect, unless you some sort of God.

Many of the players in Minimum take advantage of this fact and will continuously roam the maps with their melee weapons, jumping up and down as if they’re in a game of Halo and that just takes all the fun out of what could be a great online title. A decrease in the power of the melee weapons would see some benefits.

Levelling up your character stats – I must mention here that you start from scratch per match – is easy to do. As you kill enemy players and farm creeps (weak AI controlled enemies) you will have the opportunity to pick up power-ups, and the more of these you collect the quicker you can gain the stats you desire. I wouldn’t say that any player gains a huge advantage when it comes to having themselves booted up in all the right gear, but it does help in those last seconds of a 1 on 1 close-quarter battles.


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