Monkey Tales review: A fun way to monkey around and learn


Monkey Tales is a fun to play adventure game that focus’ not only on fun gameplay but also on learning. To be specific, the game series helps child from the ages of 7 – 11 at their mathematics, utilizing a four year collaboration with teachers and schools. The game comes with five special adventures, each with their own quirks and challenges to overcome. Larian Studios, whom have recently released Divinity: Original Sin, have finally brought the game series to Steam and I can say with a smile that any child would love to get their little hands on it.

The game is designed to challenge your child as they progress through each of the games areas, helping them succeed little by little. The game is broken up in to segments, the first being an adventure style game in which you need to collect in-game objects and figure out the simple puzzles and the second is a mathematics game which must be completed in order to continue. As you progress through the game world the story is brought to life, something which no textbook at school can provide. If Rinjin the Dragon can’t persuade your child to do good at maths, I’m afraid nothing can.

The mathematics games included in Monkey Tales are basic to begin with, which allows the game to see what the child is good and bad at. The game adjusts according to each player meaning that the experience is never too hard or too easy. Games are pleasant to play and range from card grabbing, ship shooting and much more. Worded questions are included here alongside your more traditional questions, meaning that there isn’t just one style of teaching.

The great thing about Monkey Tales is that the game does all the marking, meaning that you don’t have to step in and tell your child what they’ve done wrong or what they need to correct. The game itself is a teacher all on its own.

The controls and mechanics are easy to pick up and before starting the game a tutorial can be easily accessed. Friendly characters, voices and sounds provide a entertaining and enjoyable environment to learn in. If you’re worried about younger children not being able to pick up the controls I wouldn’t, the game is simple and yet enjoyable. I would recommend this to anyone with younger children who struggle to learn very much using conventional teaching methods. Game are useful after all!



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