NBA 2K18: The Prelude – Trophy Guide


Welcome to NBA 2K18: The Prelude, a second free invitation to the world of basketball. The trophy list this year is, once again, easy to complete but it’s worth noting that the trophies It’ll Last Longer and I Make This Look Good are both classed as missable. You cannot go back to play the game a second time and obtain these trophies. Please ensure that you have read the guides for both of these trophies so you don’t miss out as they’re near the beginning once you gain control of your player.

There’s no need to win matches here, so feel free to just play along, watch some rather long cutscenes and earn the 100%.


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 1.5/10
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: <1 hour
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 3 – It’ll Last Longer, I Make This Look Good and Not Gonna Waste My Shot 
  • Glitched trophies: No
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No


Step One: Create your MyPLAYER

Firstly, you’re going to want to create your own player. You can personalise your player in any way you like, make them look like you or not, then continue.

In this step you will earn:

You’ve Got The Look

Step Two: Take a Selfie and Pick a Jumpshot

In this step, you will need to make sure that you obtain the two missable trophies obtainable in the starting area. One is behind you as you at the Air Jordan Collection and the other is at the opposite end of this area on an empty court.

In this step you will earn:

I Make This Look Good (Missable)
It’ll Last Longer (Missable)

Step Three: Begin and Complete the MyCareer

Now you will want to start your basketball career and play some games on the court. You will have two starter games, one Showdown endgame, and one two tryouts.

In this step you will earn:

Devil is in the Details
Y’all Ready For This?
Movin’ On Up
Hey Guys!
Don’t Call it a Comeback (Missable)
Not Gonna Waste My Shot
Pinch Me

Trophy Guide

You’ve Got The LookCreate Your MyPLAYER.

This will be the first trophy you obtain. Simply create a player and once you’ve been taken to the main menu the trophy will pop.


Devil is in the DetailsRegister for The Proving Ground.

Once you’ve arrived at the event you will need to be registered at the desk. Go figure that you didn’t do this beforehand. Here you will need to input all of your players’ details: height, play style, etc. The trophy will unlock soon after.


I Make This Look GoodSelect a jumpshot for your MyPLAYER. Missable.

After obtaining the selfie with the Air Jordan’s (see It’ll Last Longer) make your way to the rightmost part of the area. You will see a red sign saying ‘Pick Jumpshot Here’. Stand in the middle of the court under the NBA 2K18 sign and take your pick. The trophy will unlock as soon as your jumpshot has been selected.

NBA 2K18: The Prelude jumpshot

It’ll Last LongerTake a picture of the Air Jordan XXXII shoe. Missable.

Once you gain control of your player for the first time look behind you. You will see a bunch of shoes on the Air Jordan Collection stand. You’re going to want to interact with the leftmost pair in order to take a picture with the Air Jordan XXXII’s. Simply walk over to the shoes and press cross in order to take a selfie.

NBA 2K18: The Prelude sneakers

Y’all Ready For This?Play your first game in The Proving Ground tournament.

You will obtain this trophy by completing your first game in the career. You can win or lose, it doesn’t matter. Make your way up to the court in which a crowd has gathered. This game will end when one team reaches 21 points.


Movin’ On UpPlay in the Showdown Game at the end of The Proving Ground event.

This will unlock after your third game in this area, also known as the Showdown Game. Win or lose it doesn’t matter, just finish it. This game will end when one team reaches 21 points.


Hey Guys!Get interviewed by Rachel for 2KTV after the Showdown Game.

Straight after the Showdown Game, you will be interviewed by Rachel from 2KTV. Just watch the cutscene.


Don’t Call it a ComebackGet an NBA tryout.

After the 2KTV interview ends you will be approached by a scout for your chosen team – mine happened to be the New York Knicks – and will be asked about having an agent. If you choose no then a cutscene will begin in which you return home and find an agent.


Not Gonna Waste My ShotComplete the tryout with an NBA team. Missable.

You will unlock this trophy just after you have completed the tryout for your chosen NBA team. Unlike all the other games you’ve played so far, this will be a timed match rather than the first team to reach 21 points. Do not skip this match or the trophy will not unlock.


Pinch MeGet the big text from your agent.
After the successful tryout, you will be given some news in the final cutscene and you can probably guess what this is. The game will end here and to continue you will have to consider purchasing the game.

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