The New 8-bit Heroes: New NES game and creation documentary

Have you ever wanted to go back to a treasured older console to relive the experience of playing a new game on it? Have you ever wished the NES had a new selection of games so many years on? Well, you might just be able to play an entirely new game on the NES very soon thanks to Joe Granato and the team behind him. Yes, a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System!

Mystic Searches, a game conjured up by Joe’s seven year old self, is hoping to be brought to life some 27 years on. “In the spring of 1987, a childhood friend and I painstakingly ‘designed’ a game called Mystic Searches. We designed everything from the manuals to the storyline to the concept art to map layouts and even music and sound effects (recorded with a crappy tape recorder and cheap casio keyboard).” The project, which includes the game in cartridge form, will also consist of a documentary and set of tutorials for other creative folk.


But wait, it doesn’t have to end there. “Not only that, but this particular NES cartridge will be a bit unique.  Yes, there will be an 8 bit game that will play on the actual hardware as expected, but it will also house a more modern game on flash memory accessible via a USB cable.  The two games will be able to talk to each other, so when you unlock secrets or achievements in the NES game, it will alter the world of the modern game that is playable on Mac or PC.  With this, we are hoping to provide gamers with a truly unique, multi-platform experience!” That’s right, two games in one!

Like with many other projects looking for funds on Kickstarter, the team have created a handful of rewards tiers that include some great rewards for backers. From a simple thank you to a digital version of the doccumentary and a physical copy of the game complete with custom box and manual to credits on the documentary and game, there’s something for everyone. In fact – you should feel happy even if you donate only a $1 to this fantastic project!

My first console was the Nintendo 64 so I missed most of the 8-bit gaming that was so popular before the 90’s, that’s probably why most games that are created in the 8-bit style intrigue me so much. This is one of the more interesting Kickstarter’s that I’ve come across this year, possibly ever, it is definitely the most ambitious.

Mystic Searches is currently looking for backers on Kickstarter and as of posting this piece they have been given $25,435 out of a $36,000 goal with 22 days left.


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