Outpost 13: A tribute to science fiction


Outlast 13 is a point and click adventure-strategy game that takes place on a planet named Achelous IV. You play as a harmless dog named Fen, but you soon come into contact with an alien biological agent that bonds the dog with an alien who goes by the name of Tantalus. Man’s best friend just became man’s worst enemy! The objective is to induce fear into the crew on Achelous IV and make them abandon their posts by any means necessary.

The great thing about playing a character such as Fen is the mischief that can be created, after all, the humans think you’re on their side. You can bark, growl and bite crew members to your hearts content, although you must not blow your cover as the adorable pooch. Creating diversions and splitting up crew members is your only chance of killing and remaining uncaught, knock out power and utilizing ventilation shafts will help you in your effort to destroy humanity. At least part of it. Think Aliens but with puppies instead!


Like with most game, you gain upgrades and new abilities as you play, killing crew members reaps rewards.

The game is currently on Kickstarter and with 30 days to go has amassed $616 out of it’s pledged $8,500 goal.


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