Part 1 – Me, Some Rocks and I – A Rust Diary


As I spawn for the first time I find myself confused and slightly dazed, I’m half naked and in the middle of some woods somewhere on this strange map. My friend has already managed to find somewhere to call home, a persons already made shack that he decides to take. “Follow the road!” he tells me, there is only one road on the map and that will eventually lead me to him and his little home. For the next ten minutes I travel along the road, occasionally passing by some bears, radioactive wolves and peoples sleeping characters.

Night falls and I find myself taking shelter in someone else’s home, they have left the door wide open. Lighting any kind of fire at night is deadly he tells me, showing any nearby enemies just exactly where you are, don’t do it. I spent the next couple of minutes in silence, holding out until daytime, when the sun started to rise I quickly continued on my path. Calling out what I saw as I travelled, I soon come across a large settlement with large walls surrounding, a fort of sorts. After passing the large fortress I soon find a man stood in the middle of the road, jumping and crouching repeatedly I call out, “Friendly?”

The woods are a scary place.

No need to worry however, it was my friend, I finally found him! He showed me his shack, cleverly hidden away behind some rocks, or should I saw hidden by its last owner. For the next hour or two he taught me how to craft important items, look for wood, stone and other crafting materials and most importantly how to find food and cook it. It was off to a great start, right?

We log off and come back almost a week later, somewhat forgetting about out little homes and what we had started. “Well this is strange… someone seems to have destroyed our things but left us alive.” We come back to the game and all of our things, except our sleeping bags, were gone. My crate full of stashed objects including research items and blueprints, gone. With a sigh we both start to gather wood and stone, hoping along the way that we find some place we can call home. Dark would soon be falling, “What about on the rocks, or behind them in the hills?” we both say, two minds are greater than one it seems. After gathering enough we tookoff for the hills, looking and searching for the perfect place.

We found the perfect spot and started building our new huts. We built 3 in total, 2 were mine and 1 my friends. Neatly placed in a semi-circle up in the rocks it looked nice, but it wasn’t protected against possible enemies, not even a little bit. As morning arrived my friend went to gather more wood and stone, I stayed and crafted spike walls and other defences to tide us over until something better could be made. One spike wall around the back, which I found later would work out perfectly, 3 in a semi-circle around the front and 3 large wood panels in front of them to shelter us more. It was perfect!

It takes time to build something good.
It takes time to build something good.

After two more night and day cycles I travelled down to the plains below us to search for food, I was hungry and I don’t want to depend on my friend for all his food. I soon came across a stag and carefully attacked him several times, finally killing him I started harvesting the goods he had when all of a sudden I got swiped. But the stag is dead, he wouldn’t attack, indeed, it was another player not the animal. My first death  was caused by another player and what was I doing? Nothing. Welcome to Rust!

I spawned in again, hoping that my bag and goods where still down near my point of death, I wasn’t so lucky. Back to the camp I tracked as day ended, when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw someone crouched on the rock, I panicked. “There’s somebody on the rocks, oh my god!” My friend called out over chat, asking if he was a friendly and long story short he’s the guy I was travelling with earlier when I died after re-spawning elsewhere (and dying due to a stupid wolf!). We talk to him and soon invited him down to our camp, he seemed decent enough. For several cycles we chatted with and explored with him, gathering objects as we all watched each others backs. We came across a couple of people during our time away from camp, they all seemed to panic when we drew our weapons in fear. No need to shoot anyone though.


Back at the camp our new friend was struggling making a door for his new home, for some reason it wasn’t applying to his hut. As night fell we all went inside our huts as our new friend crouched between our homes and hid away, just to be safe. Suddenly he shouted “There is someone near our camp, I can hear him moving!” Sure enough another guy had wandered into our territory, he was walking around unaware of what he had stumbled upon. Me and my friend came out, weapons drawn and trained on this intruder. Over chat we asked if he was a friendly, he didn’t reply and instead started to walk around creepily. BANG! The other two shot him and that was that, they looked through his bag, he was a new spawn. Damn.

Moments later another guy came across our camp, a Russian speaking intruder. We asked if he was friendly, instead of replying he started to cry over his mic and speak in broken English, none of which we could understand. We all bolted for my hut, I shut the door and looked around, I was panic stricken. What on earth would we do? We gathered ourselves and soon opened the door as we heard the new intruder walk around outside, without much thought we all shot him. Another new spawn, we felt slightly guilty, though that didn’t stop me taking his torch.

We soon called it a night, the days adventures had tired us. Would we still be there the next time we logged onto the server? Only time will tell.


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