Goodbye PlayStation 3: 9 Years of Goodness

The last two weeks have been emotional for me. After almost nine years of owning an original ‘fatty’ PS3 it is no more, the dreaded YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) has struck me down and struck me down hard.

I have many fond memories, especially as my console came bundled with the then-new Grand Theft Auto IV. To begin with, this was the last console that my parents paid a good proportion towards (I didn’t start my first part-time job until later in 2009). It was a move up from the PS2. And it was the first time I’d experience playing online with other gamers, here’s to you Call of Duty 3 and my personal favourite Call of Duty 4:  Modern Warfare.

The End of an Era

More than anything I’m surprised that my precious gaming device lasted so long, especially when others comment on the longevity of its life. “You’re still playing on a fatty?” they say, “How do you keep it cool?” they ask. Truth be told I’m not sure, it’s been in more tight spaces than I’d like to think and I’m sure the thing has almost exploded due to heat more times that I can count on my fingers and toes. But last week it decided to give out one last cry – or three beeps to be exact – and died on me. It just had to be during my playthrough of Assassin’s Creed 2, didn’t it!

More than anything I’m disappointed that I didn’t use my noggin and back-up all of my previous saves using the cloud storage available to me through PlayStation Plus. Consoles can be replaced, hours of game time really can’t. Mirror’s Edge time trials and speedruns, Assassin’s Creed 3 % completion and so on. Truth be told, this will certainly make me back-up my saves in the future and it will make me look forward to starting some games fresh (albeit for trophies), but still.

As I write this I’m currently searching for a suitable replacement, a Slim to be exact. I’ve still got many games to play – both digital and physical – so despite how heartbroken I am at the loss of my electronic gaming companion I’m going to move on and game some more!


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