Out Of Reach: An MMO survival game



Say hello to upcoming MMO survival game – Out Of Reach – created by Polish developers. The game blends elements of Day-Z (without the zombies) and Rust together, with other gameplay mechanics, to create something I feel will be truly special. Die together or die alone, you can either group together as one unit or go it alone and try to survive the harsh weathers and fierce animals that roam the lands. As a survivor of a terrible crash at sea, you must survive as long as possible as a castaway, using the earth’s resources to your own advantage.

There are no AI and no storyline’s, the whole point of Out Of Reach is to find other to communicate with and hopefully band together. “As we establish connection between players through our servers, we put our main emphasis to protect them against cheaters and abusers that already ruined several of really promising titles. As we keep full control of the game and constantly upgrade the code, you can be sure to start your journey at the same point as others and have the same chances to rule the islands as all survivors!” The developers are trying their best to provide a level playing field for all players no matter when they start playing, a promising design mechanic for people like myself.

Gather resources, craft gear and build bases – this is the life of a castaway. Exploration is key here and with a wide and open world to explore there is plenty to see, find and do. You can move from island to island, build homes and defence systems, or stay in a particular place and live off the land and scout nearby for resources. Crafting the right weapons and armour will help you out a lot and the crafting system in Out Of Reach will appeal to almost anyone. The RPG style layout is easy for anyone to understand and enjoy, it also means that players can create characters around their choice of play style.

The better equipment you’re using the better your chances of survival are, finding new resources to create items should always be at the top of your list and any items you wish to leave behind you can  trade with other survivors. Everything has a value.

Building shelters and weapons is very easy, with a point and a click you can have a small hut ready in seconds, or if you have bigger plans you can take a few hours or days to work on your masterpiece.


Keeping other castaways at bay is a little harder than keeping animals from approaching your stronghold or simple hut. Sometimes you might need to get the heavy artillery out – what exactly do you have that could beat an army of intruders? The game doesn’t only feature handheld weapons, you can also craft larger ones such as the ballistas, trebuchets and battering rams. “Every single part of such constructions must be firstly put together in a war zone, loaded, aimed properly, drawn and fired. Being combined with melee and range weapons, the ability to build structures with both defensive and offensive features makes every single battle a challenge and an event to remember!

The developers are currently asking for funds to continue their journey in creating Out Of Reach, a link for which you can find to the right of this post. At the time of posting this backers have raised 338 euro out of a 75,000 euro goal, with 42 days still left to go. With a wide variety of perks still available you can get some for every buck you send the team, whether little or big.

You can find out more information about the game on IndieGoGo or via the official website.


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