Resogun review: A colourful delight!


Resogun is one of the PlayStation 4’s launch titles and although it doesn’t look like much, you will be greeted by a whole host of action packed and fun filled moments. The game is a side-scrolling, shoot em‘ up in which you must destroy oncoming enemies whilst dodging their attacks in a circular battlefield, which makes for intense gameplay on higher difficulties when you can see incoming opponents.

There are only five levels in the game, each increasing the amount and type of enemies you see on-screen. Each level lasts anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes depending how good you are and each level has 3 initial waves which ends with a boss fight. From the start you’re able to jump in to a single player game or take to the online part of the game which allows you to team up with another person. Levels here are all open from the get-go, though if you wish to start playing on higher difficulties in the single player you have to complete the lower ones first.

There are three ships to choose from and it might take a while to find your favourite. Nemesis is quick but lacks any real power when it comes to firing, Phobos is the powerhouse and can destroy enemies quickly, but it’s rather slow out of the gate and Ferox is a mixture of the two. You can upgrade parts of your ship as you play, power ups will appear on-screen which you can pick up and use. Picking these items up with randomly upgrade either your Overdrive or weapons.

On each level you will be tasked with saving the last humans, these little green people, 10 per level,  can be unlocked from their cages by defeating Keepers. These enemies have a green glow round them and must be destroyed within a certain time limit, once destroyed a shining line will direct you to the human that has been set free, fly through them to pick them up and then drop them off at a safe point to get shields, points or extra lives.

The screen can get pretty hectic at times, especially when you have upgraded your weapons to maximum and bullets and enemy pixels are flying all over the place. That said, you are still able to focus on the point of the screen that really matters, the point your ship is currently flying in. The developers have done a great job at keeping enemies and friendlies recognizable despite the mayhem.

As aids to help you defeat the enemies you have bombs and Overdrive at your disposal, overdrive is simply a large beam of lights that destroy anything you point at for a few seconds (more if you upgrade it as you play) and bombs can be initiated using R2 at anytime and this creates two lines that shoot opposite directions and destroy everything that is currently spawned. Overdrive recharges as you defeat enemies and pick up small green orbs and bombs are collected as you play and save humans.



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