Review Policy

All games reviewed on Amber Plays Games are reviewed and scored by the author and the score is not swayed by PR, developers or any other media outlets. Each game’s score is determined by gameplay, mechanics, visual and sound effects and overall enjoyment. Other factors may play a role dependent on the type of game being reviewed, but by default, all are reviewed in the same manner.

Scoring System

Each game is scored from a 1 to a 10 ranking, the latter being the highest score a game can receive. Steps of 0.5 can also occur between each ranking.

  • 10 – Blown My Socks Off!
  • 9 – Outstanding
  • 8 – Exceptional
  • 7 – Very Good
  • 6 – Above Average
  • 5 – Average
  • 4 -Below Average
  • 3 – Very Poor
  • 2 – Unexceptional
  • 1 – Appalling

All game reviews try to be unbiased and as such, not everything will receive a high ranking. Every game is different, so please take into account that your opinion may differ from the reviewer’s opinion, so don’t take a review too seriously. A lot of hours going into both playing the title being reviewed and writing the review, so you can be sure that each review is as truthful as can be.


If you have a problem with one or more of the reviews here on the site, please do not hesitate to contact the administrator as soon as possible using the Contact page.

If you agree or disagree with a review, you can always leave a comment using the comment box which is located under each review. Share your thoughts with other gamers and the reviewer, but please remember that everyone has their own opinions so try not to be vulgar.

Want me to Review Your Game?

If you would like me to play and review your game, whether big or small, please use the Contact page to get in touch.

Details which need to be included are developer/publisher details, release date/s and other important information such as basic release information, press kit (if available), review code/physical copy details and an embargo date. Please give me as many details as possible in your email, although I would advise keeping the game code/physical copy until everything has been arranged so that I can confirm I’m able to review your game adequately.

Reviewing Platforms

Currently, I have access to the following platforms for review titles:

AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core CPU
16GB Kingston Fury

PS3 / PS4
PlayStation Move

PlayStation Vita

Xbox 360 / Xbox One

Nintendo DS