Review Score Guide

Here you will find a guide to the scoring system on Amber Plays Games. I make use of a ten-point scale and each number on the scale means something distinct.

Scoring System

4.5+ (Superb): A delightful experience in a multitude of ways with a great experience from beginning to end. Whilst not “perfect”, games which obtain this scoring are generally missing more of the content which makes them so great.

4+ (Great): Not the most polished or immensely gratifying but these games will please the right people. Games with this scoring are still worth most peoples time and money invested in them.

3+ (Average to OK): The middle of the scoring system – not bad enough for a lower-scoring but not great enough for a higher one either. Nothing in these games prove to be majorly positive or negative, they are just average.

2+ (Meager): A below-average score which is mainly down to an inferior experience. Some highs but mostly lows. The issues are becoming fewer but they are still not avoidable.

1+ (Poor): Games with this scoring are damaged but not beyond repair. Some tweaking on the developer side might bring these titles back to life but at this moment in time, nothing can save them.

0+ (Dismal): These games should be avoided at all costs. Typically these games will be broken to the point of them being unplayable and so unintuitively designed that they will damage your soul.


Would you like me to review your game?

If you would like me to review your game, whether big or small, please use the Contact page to get in touch. I generally reply to most queries within 24 hours.

Important details which should be included are developer/publisher details, release date/s and other important information such as basic release information, press kit (if available), review code/physical copy details and an embargo date. Please give me as many details as possible in your email, although I would advise keeping the game code/physical copy until everything has been arranged so that I can confirm I’m able to review your game adequately.

Reviewing Platforms

Currently, I have access to the following platforms for reviews:

Intel Core i7 9700k
16GB Kingston Fury
8GB RTX 2080

PS3 / PS4
PlayStation Move

PlayStation Vita

Xbox 360 / Xbox One