Steam sees big changes with the new ‘Discovery Update’


The Steam homepage now has a new look, a slightly bluer look which doesn’t make it that much different really, but the new functional changes are big! The new Steam Discovery Update makes it easier to find exactly what you want, with new features and functionalities such as curators to help you find your next favourite game.

The update brings everyone a new smarter homepage, one which recommends games based on those you currently own, have played those that your friends have tried. You can also customise certain sections of the homepage, you can now for example choose what new content on Steam you wish to view: Early Access products, games already in your account, games generally or software. There is also the option to customise what you see in the ‘recently updated’ tab in a similar way, allowing you to view what you want to view at all times.

Also new are Steam Curators, these are lists of games recommended by other people or groups. To become a curator, you need to create a group, or already be an officer or moderator in a group. You can follow other curators and their recommendations will be available to view on your new homepage, again this section can also be customised so you can see only the content you want to see.

You can find out more about the Steam Discovery Update here, which includes a full changelist.


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