Steam Trading Cards – An Addiction

Those that know me will say I’m a bit of a collector and it’s not strictly limited to game related items either, but sticking to gaming theme I’ve collected many virtual items in my time from Xbox 360 achievements (all 165,000G + of them), PlayStation trophies (over 2,000 over two accounts) and most recently Steam achievements and Steam Trading Cards, all alongside physical items which I keep in glass cabinets. Due to spending more time on the PC recently, I’ve managed to find an interest in collecting Steam cards and crafting badges from them, and why? I think it’s just in my nature to find more of things that pique my interest, either that or Pokemon and their Catch ‘Em All slogan really did get to me when I was younger.

So what are Steam Trading Cards you ask? For those of you that don’t know they’re like the cards or stickers you would have gone to your local corner shop for when you were younger, except these are not items you can pick up and look at. The majority of games on Steam come with trading cards and they drop randomly as you play the game, the amount of drops per game is usually half of the amount of cards needed to complete the set, so as with real life cards you’re going to have to swap and trade with other people. Each card is different from the next and you also have rare foil cards to collect which randomly drop every so often, collect a full set of foil cards and you unlock a special badge for your Steam profile. What are badges you say? Badges can be shown on your Steam profile so you can basically gloat, each time you collect a full set (maximum 5 times) you receive a new upgraded badge for that game and some XP which raises your Steam level. You also unlock a nice background, some extra friends slots and a game or DLC coupon.

TombRaiderCardWhat makes Steam Trading Cards fun for me more than anything, is the ability to trade or sell cards via the Market to other users. Selling your cards will not net you huge profits, but you can over time save up a few pretty pennies to put towards a game on sale on a rainy day, or buy more trading cards and booster packs. I’ve spent many hours browsing the huge catalogue on the Market searching for cheap cards and booster packs that I could keep for later, or sell on for a little profit soon after purchase.

Collecting Steam cards is hard work, especially as your Steam level start to increase and the amount of card sets needed to be completed also rises. It’s an addiction that I welcome, it keeps me sane (for the most part) and I’ve met a few nice gamers on Steam through trading and selling cards, backgrounds, badges and other marketable and tradable content. If you have a Steam account why not try it for yourself? If you don’t want to pay for new cards, you don’t have to, just continuing playing games and soon you’ll be able to trade duplicates!

If you would like to trade cards or coupons (should I have duplicates of what you need), please follow the link and we can get started.


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