How to Survive the Steam Summer Sale


It’s that time of year again, the time that PC gamers go crazy and empty their wallets of all their spare cash. The Steam Summer Sale is upon us a little earlier this year, in fact, it’s due to start tomorrow (June 19 according to many speculating deal lovers) and it’s easy to get lost in the maze of heavily discounted gaming goodness. Anything that has been remotely popular over the last several months will probably see a 20% discount, along with a lot of DLC and bundled titles. Here are some tips that will help you keep some of your cash in your wallet and keep your sanity in check, everyone likes to save some money right?

Are You Going to Play That?

Try to be honest with yourself, I know it seems hard, but it will help your wallet out in the long run. The game/s might be cheap but are you really going to play [insert title here] or is it just going to be another game thrown on top of that ever growing pile of shame? If you’re almost sure you won’t have the time to play it, don’t buy it, it’s really that simple. If I had a pound for every game I’d purchased in a sale only to have it sit watching me for months, even years on end, I would be rich or at least one tiny step closer to rich.

View it this way: you could keep that money to the side for another rainy day, or use the money saved to buy another game that you WILL play.

Try the Demo

If you’re not sure about a particular game, why not try the demo? I know that all of these deals only last a day or so at the most, but it isn’t going to take you the entire day to download it, unless you’re living in the Stoneage. Trying the demo of a game you’re not 100% convinced in purchasing could save you a few bucks in the long run and if the game doesn’t have a demo or you need more opinions, you can just move on to my next point.

Look at the Community Hub

It’s there for a reason, for the community to come together and share their best and worst moments and share their opinions. Looks at screenshots, videos and reviews from other players of games you wish to purchase and figure out if it’s worth purchasing from that information. Do the gameplay videos look fun? Are the screenshots amusing? Are the reviews generally good? Okay then, bloody buy the game you’ve been groveling over for the last half an hour!

It’s a hassle to do this, I agree, but if I’m saving money I will happily do it.

Don’t Buy Every Bundle

Bundles are a bitch, especially because many of them contain titles that you don’t really want. If you see a bundle that contains more games you don’t want than games you do, stay away. If you buy it now you’re going to regret it after, especially when you work out how much you paid for each of those titles you hate.

It’s Not the End of the World

And finally, it’s not the end of the world if you miss a deal or forget one you’ve had your eye on as the game, DLC or bundle is most likely to go on sale again later down the line. So many times I’ve seen people get angry at the fact they’ve missed out, in fact, I’ve done it myself, but you just need to relax and take a step back. It will come round again and so you just have to be patient.

If you do fear you might miss a deal, round up some friends and fill your wishlist’s up to the brim with games you’d like and if you’re away just get a buddy to buy it for you. You can always pay them back later!


After reading this post I hope you’re ready to venture into the Steam Summer sale with the knowledge that you might be able to save some money this year, if you can keep your click happy fingers under control! Good luck with the bargain hunting and if you manage to find yourself a real doozy of a price reduction or if you have a tips for survival of your own, post in the comments below!


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