Switching From Console to PC


I’ve been gaming for a while now, at least since the age of six, that means around 15 years now. I’ve always primarily been a console gamer, from my Nintendo 64 to my PlayStation 1 and all the way up to my most recent purchase, the PlayStation 4. I’ve always felt at home holding a controller, I wouldn’t settle for anything less. This has recently been turned on its head as I’ve recently purchased a new PC, mainly due to the fact that I couldn’t stand my old laptop shutting down on me for much longer. Ever since the purchase of this new PC, I have been delving into the world of PC gaming, something I thought I’d never do. You know what though, I’m having a fantastic time over here. So here’s a small piece of writing from me about my new found love for PC gaming and the reasons why I’m loving it so far, because I know you all want to read about it!

I didn’t splash a lot of cash on my new PC as to be honest, I didn’t want to feel as though I wasted money once my PC was set up. After having had almost a month now playing with my new piece of kit, I’m happy with my purchase and I’m sure that I will be upgrading my specs within the next few years. To sum it all up, here’s what I’m using: AMD AMD FX-8350 Eight Core CPU, AMD 2GB AMD RADEON™ R9 270X, 8GB KINGSTON DUAL-DDR3, 2TB WD CAVIAR BLACK HDD and I’ve also got a COOLER MASTER water cooler sealed unit over the processor. I’ve also purchased an Acer G6 Series 24″ Monitor, a Cyborg R.A.T. 3 mouse, a Cyborg V5 keyboard, large STEELSERIES mouse mat and I’m currently using my TURTLE BEACH X31’s for chat and audio.

A major change for me was switching from a controller to a mouse and keyboard, the first few days playing Battlefield 4 were rough for me but I eventually pulled through. Playing with M&KB isn’t as hard as some people make it out to be, it just takes time to get used to finger placement and a few days to get over the aches and pains after over stretching your fingers and leaning on your wrist too much. Going back to a controller now makes me angry, it’s not as precise and it feels slow and sluggish in comparison, though I still use my PS3 controller when playing racing games on the PC as it’s hard to control your F1 car at nearly 200MPG using just the left and right keys.

The cost of games is also something I’m happy to see, with the majority of my nearly 90 game filled Steam library coming in at a total of £2-3 per game, if that. I still don’t understand why console digital pricing is so far behind PC pricing, physical games should be more expensive than digital releases, not the same price. Would I ever pay full price for a console game again? If I’m being honest the answer would be ‘probably no’, unless there was a title I wanted day one that was exclusive to a particular console that I own, even so I’d have a moment to reconsider. Thief is a great example of PC pricing. When it first released the price was £29.99 on PC and £35-40 on next-gen consoles, at the time of writing this a digital download for this title on PS3 is currently at £19.99, with a digital download on PC now under £10. Sony and Microsoft need to kick themselves up the butt and get their digital prices in line with other retailers such as Origin (in most cases) and Steam.


Visually, I’m impressed with what I see when I’m gaming on my new PC, I’ve never once had the option to change so many video and audio settings. Do I want my game fullscreen? What resolution would I like my game to run in? Do you want textures to be set to low, high or ultra? How would you like your shadows to be displayed? I’m quite overwhelmed, but at the same time I’m secretly screaming with joy inside at the available options and at what a difference running the game all in ultra settings compared to low does on screen.

In short, I’m loving my experience so far with my gaming rig and I hope to have more fun as I continue on into the future. With the prices of games forever dropping and new technology constantly streaming in, I think I’m going to be PC gaming for quite a while, if not the rest of my gaming life. If you haven’t experienced gaming on a PC before, I suggest you find a friend who has one or if you have the money for it, go buy yourself a gaming rig within your budget and enjoy the benefits sooner rather than later.


I play games. A lot of them. You can catch me streaming my favourite games on Twitch: twitch.tv/amberplaygames. Can’t wait to meet you!

  • fragout

    Welcome to the wonderful, rich world of PC gaming. You will never run out of awesome games to play.

    • Amber

      Thank you and so far, that last part of your comment seems to be true!