The Last of Us Confirmed for PS4

Earlier today sites reported that the PS Store in America was advertising The Last of Us coming to the PS4, no confirmation was made and many suspected this to be an early leak on Sony’s part. It has now been confirmed by Arne Meyer, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog, that The Last of Us will be coming to the PS4 in summer 2014. This edition of the game will be named ‘The Last of Us Remastered‘ and will be in glorious 1080p.

Moving our efforts to the PS4 has allowed us to remaster an already phenomenal looking The Last of Us in 1080p with a list of upgrades including higher resolution character models, improved shadows and lighting, upgraded textures, along with even more improvements. We love setting challenging technical hurdles for us when working on each game – and this is no different. We’ve been working hard on The Last of Us Remastered to release a next-gen evolution worthy of the 200+ Game of the Year awards, not to mention the acclaim and expectations of our fans. We will be revealing more detailed information about the upgrades for the PS4 version in the coming months.

LastofUsPs4CoverGamers will also be happy to know that the remastered edition will come with all major content releases that are already out for the PS3. This will include:

  • Left Behind single player expansion
  • Abandoned Territories multiplayer map pack
  • Reclaimed Territories pack

With the release of Tomb Raider on PS4 earlier this year, it seems to be a new trend to release the best titles on last-gen consoles once more. Whether we can actually see and feel a difference is yet to be said, here’s hoping that the remastered edition of The Last of Us will in fact be just that and more.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog


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  • Tom

    It would be so damn easy to port this to PC now, but they won’t…