The Video Game Easter Eggstravaganza


It’s Easter time and that means plenty of chocolate being passed around and lots of happy children and fluffy bunnies, but what do video games and Easter have in common? Easter eggs of course, not the edible kind mind you. Easter eggs in games have been around for quite some time now, plenty of recent titles have paid homage to older games in the series or have poked jokingly at other games using these hidden away references, jokes and secret messages. So in this piece I’m going to be showing some of my favourite video game easter eggs and sharing them with you, and as usual you can share your own personal favourites in the comments below.

Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
Easter Egg: Heart of Liberty City

If it wasn’t for the highly dedicated fans of the series, I wouldn’t have found this one myself. Who would have known that the Statue of Happiness would have its own beating heart? If you take a helicopter up towards the top of the statue and jump onto the walkway which has a door, you’ll find that you can walk through said door and be met with a humungous beating heart. Nice one Rockstar!

Game: Dead Space
Easter Egg: Nicole is Dead – Contains a Plot Spoiler

If only Issac had taken more notice during his visit to the USG Ishimura. In the story we find out that Nicole, the female protagonist that Issac spends the entire game trying to find, died before he was even able to board the ship. If only he had looked at the names of the chapters, he would have known quite some time ago. The first letter of each new chapter spells out “Nicole is Dead“, nifty huh?

Game: Left 4 Dead 2
Easter Egg: Portal’s “Still Alive” Song

Sometimes you need a little music to calm the nerves, though I wouldn’t suggest trying this easter egg out until you’ve cleared all nearby zombies, just in case. In Left 4 Dead 2’s Parish campaign, you will come across a cafe/bar with a jukebox inside. Simply flick through the choice of songs and you will eventually come across Portal’s “Still Alive” song.

Game: Assassin’s Creed 3
Easter Egg: Assassin Turkey

Visit the Davenport homestead and if you hide yourself against a particular corner of the house and enter the iconic Contra/Konami code, you will come across an Assassin Turkey which is complete with hood. The Turkey will also follow you around for a while, so if you’re getting lonely, it’s nice to know you have a friend! It’s a shame they let anyone into the Creed these days though.

Game: Hitman Absolution
Easter Egg: Ice Cream Truck

This easter egg is as funny the sixth time as it is the first, just watching an ice cream truck crush your victim in the middle of the desert is a fantastic way to finish a contract, don’t you think? When playing the “End of the Road” mission, shoot every nearby vulture (easily done with the sniper rifle) and an ice cream truck will come flying through the sand. Does anyone want a 99 with a Flake?

Game: Resident Evil 2
Easter Egg: Rebecca Plays Basketball

If you check Wesker’s desk 50 times in Resident Evil 2, you will be gifted with a picture of Rebecca Chambers in an RPD basketball uniform. Wesker, you dirty man!

There are hundreds more video game easter eggs out there, but these are a few of my favourites. Which easter eggs have you loved and why do you like them so much? Share in the comments below!


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