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Turn-based law enforcement coming to “This Is The Police 2”

This is the Police, released in 2016, was a great little adventure-strategy game has you playing the role of Police Chief. Playing as Jack Boyd, who is being forced into early retirement by the corrupt mayor and underbelly, you had to manage your force in real-time. The story was great, the mechanics interesting and art style unique, but it received mixed reviews.

Back in the big city, Police Chief Jack Boyd, the protagonist of This Is the Police, was too deeply mired in bureaucracy to pay much attention to field tactics. But in Sharpwood, a cold frontier town where a young woman named Lilly Reed has recently become sheriff, you’ll need to take a new approach: you’ll have to take your cops under direct control during particularly difficult and dangerous missions.

A New Challenge

Just like the first, This is the Police 2 contains mixed elements of adventure-strategy and real-time management but this time with added turn-based combat. The game builds upon the strengths of the previous and seems to iron out the issues.

Every challenge requires the player’s direct participation in a tactical combat scene, and the outcomes will depend on every decision you make. Each of the people you control has their own set of strengths, weaknesses, fears, and prejudices. Can you be a leader?

This is the Police 2 will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC later this year.


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