This Is the Police: A modern tale about being a cop

This Is the Police, according to its developers Weappy, is a mixture of strategy, adventure and interactive novel. You play the role of Jack Boyd, beloved police chief of Freeburg. In 180 days he’s going to be put out to pasture, his time is almost up but Jack wont be going quietly. Over the next six months he’s going to be going all out to fulfil his dream of earning half a million dollars.

This isn’t your typical cop game however, using bribes, weapons and drug sales, deals with the Mafia, skimming off the budget and kickbacks you must earn your dough before you are out of the game altogether. Not only must you try and collect the dough, you must also control the cops under your command and send them out to handle particular situations.

Even just regular cop business poses lots of problems: a drunken patrolman might gun down a bystander while he’s aiming for an unarmed bully. And it’s not just the staff, it’s the increasingly crazy orders from the mayor’s office – not to mention the press and their uncomfortable questions. It’s all a part of life as a police chief.

Don't obey? You get a paddlin'!
Don’t obey? You get a paddlin’!

There’s a variety of game mechanics, and which parts play the dominant role will depend on many factors: your style of play, the decisions you make, and sometimes on the particulars of the case you’re faced with. There’s plenty of gameplay variation, but our chief task is to ensure that everything that happens on the screen is an important part of the overall story.  As you move from one event to the next, the city of Freeburg will change around you, in response to your actions.

The Is the Police looks like a promising game, especially when you factor in the corrupt gameplay which we all know happens in reality. You have to manage your cops and secure your wealth in 180 days, that’s a hard task if any.

The Kickstarter at the time of writing this stands at $9,734 out of a $25,000 goal, factor in that there’s still 26 days left and I’m sure that you can do the maths. If you wish to back the project you can visit the Kickstarter and as usual if you pledge a certain amount of money you can earn yourself some neat rewards from the guys at Weappy too!


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