Titanic: Honor and Glory: A breathtaking look at life on the Titanic


Thanks to the folks over at DSOGaming, a new and amazing game has found its way onto my radar, Titanic: Honor and Glory takes gamers on board the iconic ship as it sails towards its doom.

The game follows a fellow by the name of Morgan, he’s framed for a series of murders and finds himself boarding the Titanic in an effort to clear his name. Unbeknownst to him and hundreds of other passengers his journey will come to an abrupt end, but what will he do aboard the ship during his time on it? The game includes a main storyline and side plots, allowing the player to do what he/she likes and in any way they want to. Not only is the story connected to the ship and its events, but it’s also connected to the people on board the ship and their daily lives and struggles.

The game will feature the ship in all its glory, according to the developers they’re creating 100% of the ship including the beautiful Grand Staircase and the boiler rooms. Not only will you be able to see the ship in all its glory, but you will also be able to experience the ships sinking first hand. The developers mention that you will have the option to save others on board and eventually try and save yourself, how much of a challenge that will be nobody will know.

The game isn’t due to come out until 2016/17, so the team has a lot of time to make the game extra special, especially to those like myself who are Titanic buffs. The game is set to come out on PC, though the team is hoping that other platforms will be included on release, dependant on how much power is needed to play the game at its best.

I’m going to keep my eye out for any more information regarding this particular game, it looks beautiful even in its early stages. I can’t wait to see what breathtaking moments the game will have in-store for its players!


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