Vertagear Racing Series S-Line SL2000 Gaming Chair Review

Disclaimer: This item was not provided by Vertagear.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable doing your daily tasks on the PC or whilst playing your favourite games? Not anymore with Vertagear’s Racing Series S-Line gaming chairs. I’ve been using my current, white and blacks SL2000, for a little over a year now as my daily butt shelf and I’ve loved ever moment of it. The chair I owned before happened to be a generic ‘gaming chair’ from a local store. Black, blue and with a hard seat. The Vertagear chair was an upgrade for myself – or for my butt and back at least.

The S-Line series of chairs from Vertagear comes in a variety of colours to suit setups and general preferences. All gaming chairs in the S-Line SL2000 series have adjustable height, adjustable armrests (up and down), comfortable padding, tilting feature which include adjustable resistance and locking mechanism, and the added extra of a head cushion and lumbar support cushion.

Despite how daunting the chair may look upon first opening the box it’s easy to assemble with just one person. The parts included are made from quality and sturdy materials. Apart from some slight squishing of the lumbar support, a year on from its first use my current SL2000 is just as comfortable.

The chair was shipped in parts in a larger box and everything arrived in perfect condition. Every part of the chair came wrapped or supported – some of the best quality packagings I’ve seen in a while.

Once built you can choose to use both the lumbar support and head cushions. In order to support my back I opted to use the lumbar support and during a long game or work session, I’ve felt a difference over my first basic chair. The adjustable height means you can lower or higher yourself to suit your needs, this chair is perfect for my setup as I can adjust the height to fit the armrests under the desk when working. Unfortunately, this series of chairs does not have twisting armrests but I do believe other series do. Not a negative but more chairs with this feature would be nice. The great thing about the SL2000 is that you can almost lie flat (tile up to 140 degrees) when adjusting the back. I’ve often found myself taking naps during the afternoon on odd occasions due to the newly named ‘nap mode’ of being able to lay back so far.

All aspects of the chair which you are seated upon are well padded and comfortable. The materials don’t allow heat to gather and I’ve yet to find myself in a sweaty mess on warmer days. Get a blanket and you could easily nap on this thing. All chairs come with colour coded Penta RS1 casters which are PU coated to allow for smooth gliding over your chosen surfaces. The chair is also stain and water resistant but try not to eat too much on it – like cars seats the creases do collect crumbs etc. If you choose the white/black chair like me you’re going to have to wipe over with a wet cloth once in a while to keep it clean and bright.

All in all the Vertagear SL2000 is a fantastic gaming chair for anyone who wants both style and comfort. The chair has been designed to support your body during your gaming or work session, long or short. The material is plump and comfortable and even over time, the comfort levels will still remain high. Apart from some squishing in the lumbar support cushion, everything else is peachy. With a variety of colours to match everyone’s setup – why wouldn’t you consider purchasing a Vertagear chair in your quest to find the best gaming chair for you.

At £209.99 it can be a little on the high end for most but this isn’t just your typical chair – you pay more for comfort and quality.

The finished product in all its glory.

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