Video Game Beasts, Creatures and Monsters That Creeped Me the Hell Out

Throughout the years I’ve played a fair few horror games, despite my love for anything horror related being on the low end of the scale. From the really strange to the downright scary, I love to get a good fright once in a while to get the blood pumping. Halloween is fast approaching (trust me, it will soon arrive) and I thought it would be the perfect time to start creating articles based on the horror games I’ve played and want to play, ’tis almost the season after all. In this piece I’m going to list some of the beats, creatures, ghosts and monsters – or whatever you wish to call them – that have scared me the most over the years.

Richard Trager – Outlast

One of the scariest moments in the entirety of Outlast, even though most of it was frightening, was being captured and tortured by Doctor Trager. Trager is a monster who experiments on patients in order to gain more knowledge about biology, and his love for walking around in the nude under his apron is almost as disturbing as the acts he performs. After escaping from his torture den you must navigate around the floor he occupies, diving under beds and running for your life in order to reach the elevator. I would be lying if I said that being chased by him didn’t make me want to wet myself.

Necromorph - Dead Space series
Necromorph – Dead Space series

There are a bunch of weird and fantstic creatures used within the Dead Space series – and all of them are equally creepy and disgusting – but one of the scariest have to be the basic Necromorphs that you encounter at the start of the first game. Having to run away from the chasing necromorph and into the elevator at the start of Dead Space was one of the most unpleasant gaming moments I’ve ever experienced, especially when the bugger tried to claw his way in with you. From that moment on I played the game at the pace of a snail as I didn’t want to be caught off-guard by these things, especially as cutting their limbs off with precision is the only way to get a quick kill.

The Gatherers - Amnesia
The Gatherers – Amnesia

A flabby jaw, claws for hands and a sinister look – it could only be The Gatherers. Being able to fight back against enemies always helps, but only being able to run away or hide increases the uneasy feeling deep inside your stomach and that’s never good. The Gatherers are still one of the worse enemies I’ve come across – I let out such a cry during my first playthrough of Amnesia that everyone in the house thought that I’d hurt myself or worse.

Hiding from them isn’t an easy task either unless you happen to be within the vicinity of a wardrobe or some other large object you can hid within. Boxes and tables will only help you so much – they will find you and they will give you the bitch slap you deserve.

Pyramid Head - Silent Hill series
Pyramid Head – Silent Hill series

Nothing comes close to the terror that Pyramid Head drives into you. One of the more iconic video game characters, Pyramid Head represents James’ wish to be punished for Mary’s death, he is known for his large triangular head and the Great Knife which he drags along with him. The scene in which he engages in what can only be described as a sexual act with two mannequins will always be in my mind whenever the words Silent Hill are spoken, the series took horror to a whole new level for me.

The new Silent Hills game should be a treat, but after being scared half to death by the rest of the series as I’ve grown up I highly doubt I will play the new game on my own or with the lights off.

Splicers - Bioshock series
Splicers – Bioshock series

Whilst Splicers aren’t the scariest of all video game characters – they are one of the weirdest and creepiest. My water ride into Bioshock was beautiful and tranquil, until of course the sphere we were travelling in ended up in the hell hole named Rapture. Meeting Splicers for the first time was an experience for sure, walking up to the woman talking to the baby in her pram seemed harmless enough until you got close enough. That crumpled face haunted me for a while, even after I hit over the head several times with a spanner. A fantastic creation – if not a little twisted.

Like with most lists I couldn’t possibly include all the creepy creatures I’ve come into contact with, so here’s some honourable mentions: The Taken – Alan Wake, The Witch – Left 4 Dead series, Lickers – Resident Evil series, Little Sisters – BioShock 2, Alma – FEAR series and the Nurses – Silent Hill series.

What video game monsters have creeped you out the most? Post and discuss in the comments below!


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