Video Game Deaths Nobody Could Prepare You For


This article will include spoilers.

As bonds with characters in video games grow ever stronger due to storylines becoming increasingly interesting, many of our favourite heroes and heroines fell before our eyes and this is something that most of us just aren’t prepared for. In this article I will be going through a select number of video game character deaths that both surprised and shocked me to the core, this list may feature some characters you also adored.

Dominic Santiago in Gears of War 3

From the beginning he was by your side, helping you fight evil and teach those useless rookies a thing or two. His death was truly heartbreaking, in fact, I didn’t see it coming. Dominic taking his own life in order to save Marcus’ and the rest of Detla squad is one of the more heroic deaths I’ve come across, that brotherly bond will not be replicated anywhere else anytime soon. The music played during the cutscene makes it all the more powerful, power to Epic Games for creating something so amazingly tragic and yet beautiful.

Lucy in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

She helps you break out of Abstergo. She helps you find the truth behind the Creed. She helps you become as Assassin in your own right. Too bad the bitch didn’t inform you that she was secretly watching your every move and reporting back to her own boss back at Abstergo whilst this was all happening. Still, it was rather sad to see her die as she did. I wasn’t expecting Desmond, even if it was unintentional, to stab her in the stomach and no matter how hard I tried to mash buttons on my controller and push away the analogue stick the outcome wasn’t going to change. Why would you kill off Desmond’s love interest Ubisoft?

Andrew Ryan in Bioshock

One of the most brutal deaths in a video game, Andrew Ryan’s demise happened at your very own hands and it wasn’t pleasant. You heard about the creator of Rapture from the beginning of the game and eventually coming face to face with the man was exciting. Having to brutally attack him with a golf club until his head eventually caved in and his speech slurred to a stop was not something I enjoyed watching or controlling, in fact it was a little disturbing at the time.

Would you kindly? Never again!

John Marston in Read Dead Redemption

You’re the guy who every man wants to be and the guy who every woman wants to be with, Bonnie included, but who in their right mind would kill you? Especially after all you have done to keep the Wild West a safe place to live in. While watching John Marston’s death scene I was screaming at my TV, shouting all sorts of foul names and hoping for the best as the dialogue kept on coming. Then, a moment of joy as you are able to take your gun and pop off a few rounds, the joy soon shattering as bullets from every angle fly at you and puncture you like a holey piece of cheese. Rockstar, you’re such an evil tease!

Lee Everett in The Walking Dead

I don’t shed many tears over video games, but the death of Lee brought several tears to my eye. From the first episode you vowed to help young Clementine to find her parents, whether you knew you were going to eventually find them or not. You looked after her and kept her safe while the rest of the world went to shit, the fact that Lee did that up until the very last moments of his life makes the scene all the more difficult to watch. What ultimately makes this death heartbreaking, is the fact that you are able to have Clem send Lee to the other side, I’m sure everyone suddenly perched themselves on the edge of their seats with tissue in hand at this point.

How could you Telltale Games? How could you!? I had to have therapy for a week!

Ghost and Roach in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The first time I played this game I was playing on Veteran difficulty, the emotions that flowed through my brain as this scene played out made me want to throw a chair at my TV. After several retries and hours of painful gameplay trying not to get blown up by randomly tossed grenades and misplaced shots running down the field to the chopper, I couldn’t believe that all my hard work was for nothing. Everything had gone up in flames, literally.

What a bastard, how dare he do that!

The Joker in Batman: Arkham City

Near the beginning of the game, you’re notified that The Joker is seriously ill and being his selfish self he decides to infect you, The Bat, with the virus too. After hours of gameplay and defeating other baddies around Arkham, you finally get your hands on the antidote. In typical fashion, Joker decides to try and beat you down in order to get his hands on the cure, only causing more trouble as the vial is dropped and the cure is absorbed by the concrete. Joker ends up dying in front of Batman with a smile on his face. The funny thing? Batman would have saved him. Now that’s touching!


What character deaths have you found disturbing or heartbreaking? Leave a comment below!


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