Visage: The new P.T awaits you

All those who played P.T will admit, or should admit, that is was a bloody good ‘playable demo’ to showcase possible gameplay within the upcoming Silent Hills game. Alas, great things must come to an end and Silent Hills was cancelled last year and P.T was ever so quietly taken from us. If you’re still pining over the fact have no fear, developers SadSquare Studios are in the midst of creating something hauntingly beautiful to take its place.

Visage – a physiological horror – places you inside a seemingly abandoned house in the search for answers. Here mysterious and haunting events have occured and wandering through the eerie hallways and rooms brings back memories of those who once dwelled here – content and otherwise.

The game takes place in a secluded town in the 1980s. The house you are in has been there for centuries, and its foundations never seem to decay. Dozens of families have lived here. Many of them died brutally, while others lived their lives placidly in their beloved home. Is there something triggering inevitable deaths, or is it pure coincidence?

The environments within the game are stunning, despite the thought of being scared out of your wits with each step, the well crafted spaces make your jaw drop. The game uses ‘true terror’ as a means of storytelling, though they aren’t going for the typical jump scare scenarios. You can expect to feel true terror created by a very dark, realistic atmosphere and the presence of entities you wish you’d never seen.

The core gameplay is going to be a blend of the following styles, introduced by ground-breaking developers, that have helped shape the history of horror games:

  • The good ol’ “point-and-click” horror game, like Phantasmagoria. Wander through rooms in search of items in relation with the story to unlock new passages.
  • The innovative “search-everything-everywhere” approach, with active physics, that influenced so many games since Frictional Games’ Penumbra.
  • The mind-blowing atmosphere and challengingly intricate stories from psychological horror games that has been shaped by the Silent Hill series.
  • And the “real-life horror simulator” from P.T. that we will expand to a much, much deeper level.

Visage has already met its goal of $35,000 but could always use the extra help. The Kickstarter campaign, as of writing, still has 32 left – plenty of time to learn more about the game and pledge to a beautifully haunting title.


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