Feature: Why I simply don’t hate Nintendo

Updated for 2020.

At the time of originally publishing this back in 2014, there was a lot of hate circling for Nintendo. I always and still do get caught up in the overly opinionated conversation of “Why do you like Nintendo so much? They’re for children!” These arguments are mostly based around console power and realistic graphics with many taking the side of one of the two main powerhouses – Sony or Microsoft.

To me, power and graphics mean nothing without compelling stories and fun gameplay. An example I always like to push around is if Naughty Dog created piss poor stories, the graphics behind them would be completely meaningless – at least for me. If it did mean that much to me, I’ll be that person, I’d stick to my PC and pump way more money into the setup than I already have.

I’ve come to learn as I’ve grown up playing video games that no matter what you choose to play, whether it’s PC, console or mobile, as long as it’s giving you joy in return there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the same for Nintendo. For the most part, the games on the system are easy to pick up and play and bring a smile to my face, it’s a win-win.

Back in the mid-1990s…

I remember very clearly the day that I received my first gaming console. My parents purchased me the Nintendo 64 which came bundled with 007 Goldeneye. Yes, it wasn’t exactly the game you gave a person my age but it was enjoyable nonetheless and up until this point, I don’t think either of my parents really knew what video games were. It wasn’t long before Zelda: Ocarina of Time came into my life, followed swiftly by Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, and Pokemon Snap. The list was endless and I have been bringing new titles into my collection ever since.

My early years were filled primarily with Nintendo and for that, I’m extremely grateful. Hadn’t the Nintendo 64 been pushed into my life, I don’t think I’d be in the position I am now. I’m fortunate enough to own several consoles spanning over generations, a gaming PC, this website and my own game room jam-packed with items I could have spent the money on elsewhere.

Of course, like anything with natural progression, I moved on to bigger things as time went by but Nintendo was always there in the background should I ever need them.

I’m having fun. Bite me.

While most peoples love for the Nintendo brand ended soon after finding a newfound love in others, mine continues. Now in my late twenties I still occasionally play Nintendo games, but why when you can see the potholes in someone’s face in 4K? Because without Nintendo I wouldn’t be a “gamer”. Period. Playing hours upon hours of Mario and Zelda made me truly enjoy video games and the industry as a whole.

Maybe it’s hard for those younger than myself, those brought up on Call of Duty and newer Grand Theft Auto’s, to comprehend that basic games are indeed fun?

Nintendo games take me back to my childhood, those happy days of playing with friends and finding it magical when carts worked without needing to blow them. The days when achievements and trophies were purely based on the accomplishments you made in your own head.

Simply put, in my eyes, without Nintendo in my life there would have been no PlayStation and no Xbox. What a sad existence that would have been.


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  1. Me too, i will always hold Nintendo in high regard. The haters can kiss it, without N, there would be no playstation or xbox. And they still make high quality games even if there aren’t that many.

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